5 Ideas for Writing Effective Sales Letters

Written by Alexandria K. Brown

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4. Point out a fear or problemrepparttar reader may have.

"You may feel safe in your own home, but did you know that burglaries are onrepparttar 135965 rise in your neighborhood? This may berepparttar 135966 ideal time to install that home security system you've been thinking about."

This method may seem sly, butrepparttar 135967 advertising industry has been doing this to us for years. Remember how Listerine convinced all of us we have "halitosis"? (It'srepparttar 135968 clinical term for bad breath, but it sounds likerepparttar 135969 plague!) Direct marketers call this "pushingrepparttar 135970 "touch" button. This method isn't appropriate for all topics, but you'd be surprised at how many situations you can use it in.

5. Mention someonerepparttar 135971 reader knows.

"Your friend *Jenny Smith* told us you could use a little 'R&R.' That's why we're inviting you torepparttar 135972 grand opening of our new 'Bath and Beauty' Web store, featuring home spa products to help you relax."

If you operate a referral program, this is an extremely effective way to reach out and touch your prospects. I wrote a letter using this format for a prominent day spa in New York City, and it generated quite a bit of attention. Why? The reader immediately seesrepparttar 135973 name of someone she knows repparttar 135974 letter makes an instant, personal connection.

(TIP: Ask your clients forrepparttar 135975 names of a few people who may be interested in your products/services, offering them an incentive if those people respond. These types of referral programs take some time to generate, but they're worth it!)

One Final Note:

Remember that your number-one goal is to "hook" your reader right away! We're all bombarded with tons of e-mail and snail mail every day, so you have a limited amount of time to grab our attention.

Your best bet is to keep your e-mail sales letters within one or two computer screens, and your snail-mail letters to one or two pages.

(c) 2002 Alexandria K. Brown


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Boost Your B to B Marketing Copy: 3 Major Copywriting Blunders and How to Correct Them

Written by Jennifer McCay

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The lesson here is that it's probably best to leaverepparttar shop talk inrepparttar 135897 shop and write for your customers usingrepparttar 135898 words in their vocabulary.

3. Forgetting to ask prospects to buy what you're offering! Isn'trepparttar 135899 point of B to B marketing to get business people to purchase what you're selling? There is no need to be overrepparttar 135900 top with your call-to-action, but it is important that you include one.

If you're hesitant to ask forrepparttar 135901 buy, keep in mind that most business people are aware they're being sold torepparttar 135902 moment they read promotional materials and accept this as a part of doing business.

Selling to "timid" office workers? Find a way in your copy to speak to their hearts, then ask them politely to consider what you have to offer.

Is your audience a group of somewhat stuffy financial types? Show themrepparttar 135903 financial benefit of what you're offering, as well as what they'll save when they purchase from you. Then ask them to buy in a way that appeals to their analytical minds.

A word of caution: If your B to B marketing is targeted toward professional marketers, that's even more reason to urge readers to purchase; if you don't, they might not take action because of their over-exposure to marketing messages of all kinds. Just userepparttar 135904 approach best-suited torepparttar 135905 type of marketing that they handle every day.

The bottom line? Don't forget to ask people to take action, regardless of what that action is.

Of course, there are other ways to boostrepparttar 135906 results of your B to B marketing, but these copywriting tips will have you headed inrepparttar 135907 right direction in no time flat. Make sure to use them for all of your upcoming campaigns.

Brand copywriter/creative director Jennifer McCay develops persuasive copy and branding strategies for individuals, small businesses and large corporations through her company, Avenue East Communications, Inc. Jennifer is the publisher of the Avenues to Marketing Success Newsletter, which delivers tips on copywriting, branding and other marketing topics every other week. To subscribe or find out more, head to http://AvenueEast.com

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