5 Guaranteed Ways To Kill Your Ezine

Written by Michael Low

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When your subscribers decide to leave your ezine, promptly unsubscribe them. Make sure you never email them again unless they decide to re-join your ezine.

Killer #3 .. Let's blast them with tons of mailings

Recently I had to unsubscribe from several ezines that were sending me a solo mailing every alternate day!

Inrepparttar beginning I didn't mind those mailings. But after some 14 days of getting tons of advertisements, I bailed out. The DoubleClick survey revealed thatrepparttar 124307 average online consumer receives 36 permission email messages weekly.

With that number of emails waiting to be read, excluding personal messages and spam, you wouldn't want to be guilty of clogging your subscriber's inbox.

Strike a good balance between your profit line and your subscribers' interest. The lifetime value of a subscriber can be worth thousands of dollars. Why killrepparttar 124308 golden goose when it can lay golden eggs year after year?

Killer #4 .. Forget about content, I got no time for that

With an intensely fierce competition for ezine eyeballs, your subscribers may unsubscribe after a few issues if they don't enjoy your ezine.

You need to publish real content that appeal to their interest. One ofrepparttar 124309 best ways to discover what your subscribers want to read is to check outrepparttar 124310 ezines of top players in your industry or related ezines with large subscriber bases.

If they are atrepparttar 124311 top, they must be doing some things right! It will be an eye opening experience to analyzerepparttar 124312 kind of content successful ezine publishers offer to their subscribers.

Never fill your ezine with advertisements that are disguised as editorials. Quality content is king!

Killer #5 .. The ezine that never came

Some ezine owners produce a few issues and skiprepparttar 124313 next few. Or they are perpetually late in mailing out new issues.

If you tell your subscribers that you publish your ezine weekly, make sure it arrives in their mailbox weekly. You lose your subscribers' loyalty and trust when you fail to deliver. How can they then trust you with their credit card numbers?

Publishing an ezine requires time and effort. Writing uprepparttar 124314 editorial, proofreading and amendingrepparttar 124315 copy (many times), testingrepparttar 124316 final copy and maintainingrepparttar 124317 subscriber list can easily take a day or more.

If you can't afford to publish your ezine weekly, do it fortnightly. I don't recommend monthly becauserepparttar 124318 time lapse in between issues are too wide. Try preparing future issues 2 weeks in advance. Have available backup editorial content that you can always fill your ezine with atrepparttar 124319 last minute.

There you've it .. 5 guaranteed ways to kill your ezine. Well, I hope you'll never need to use them :)

Michael Low is a professional PR Strategist. He provides top- notch PR services at highly affordable rates. Check out his full range of PR packages at http://www.prbuilder.com/pr.cgi?a006

"Recycle Your Articles and Gain Tons of New Subscribers"

Written by Alexandria K. Brown

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Donít forget to mention if your e-zine is FREE!


There are dozens of "free content" Web sites and announcement lists where you can submit your articles for other publishers to use. Some even let you include a picture, which I love because I'm a ham at heart. ; )

Here are three to get you started: http://www.ideamarketers.com http://www.marketing-seek.com http://groups.yahoo.com/group/aabusiness

Keep in mind this is justrepparttar tip ofrepparttar 124306 iceberg! There are DOZENS more places where you should submit articles for publication. In my "E-Zine Queen Resource Report" (available with my e-book at http://www.boostbizezine.com), you'll get direct links to more than *25* of these sites and lists.


For best results, takerepparttar 124307 bull byrepparttar 124308 horns and contact publishers directly. But not just any publishers -- ones with e-zines that would be perfect forrepparttar 124309 articles you write andrepparttar 124310 type of readership you want to attract.

I STRONGLY recommend that you become a member of Ruth Townsend's Directory of E-zines. Her list is by far one ofrepparttar 124311 most credible and reliable ones onrepparttar 124312 Web. It costs about $40 to join forrepparttar 124313 year, but it's well worth it --- your membership lets you search through hundreds of other e-zines. You can search by all types of factors: topic, readership, subscriber numbers, etc. Learn more here: http://www.netofficetoolbox.com/app/adtrack.asp?AdID=10606

When you have your personal list of publishers ready, craft a friendly note to send along with your article. Here's an example of what I use:

"Dear Editor:

I see from your e-zine that you occasionally accept articles from outside authors. Would you like to use my article titled [article name here] in a future issue?

You're welcome to userepparttar 124314 article for FREE, provided it remains intact and unaltered, and you retain my entire resource box atrepparttar 124315 end ofrepparttar 124316 article. If you'd like to publish it, just send me a copy ofrepparttar 124317 issue it appears in.

If you have any questions, feel free to write me back at [e-mail address here] And if you do not accept articles, I apologize --- just let me know and I'll remove you from my editor list.

Best, [name and contact info here]"

Simple, yes? Then just paste your article right underneath your message. Do NOT send it as an attachment -- it likely won't get read.

TIP: Your article will get picked up by MORE publishers if you format it to around 60 characters per line with hard returns after each line. Many publishers don't want to do ANY formatting work to guest articles, sorepparttar 124318 more "ready to go" yours is,repparttar 124319 better! : )

Alexandria Brown, "The E-zine Queen," is the author of the manual "Boost Business With Your Own E-zine." Learn how to publish your own e-mail newsletter that *effortlessly* promotes your services or products. Get the scoop and sign up for FREE biweekly tips at http://www.boostbizezine.com/

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