5 FAST Ways to Explode YOUR Traffic!

Written by Grady Smith

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Spend a little time writing an article or two. Edit themrepparttar next day and find places to submit. You can hitrepparttar 127344 jackpot when you enter "Free Articles" in a good search engine.

4) Pay A Little For Lots Of Targeted Traffic!

Pay per click search engines delivers. And you can do it on a budget.

Check out http://www.overture.com for what is, in my opinion,repparttar 127345 best ofrepparttar 127346 best for lots of targeted traffic to your site.

And here's a tip. Have a sales letter that really converts visitors into buyers. That way, if you offer a product for $29.00, and sell 1 in 30, you can get a high ranking by bidding $.50 for each click, and walking away with about $14 for each 30 visits. And it's possible to receive hundreds of hits in a day using pay per click search engines.

5) Only Pay For Advertising When It Makes You Money!

Nope, it's not a dream. You can bring tons of high quality traffic to your site and only pay whenrepparttar 127347 traffic buys from you.

The secret? Affiliate programs. And if you're not using one right now then you're paying too much for your advertising.

With a few minutes of set up and promotion you can have your ads on hundreds or thousands of websites. And you're only going to pay when that advertising makes a profit for you.

Check out http://www.clickbank.com for an easy way to set up an affiliate program.

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'5 Power Tips To Double Your Online Sales'

Written by Michael Southon

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It just doesn't work, andrepparttar statistics bear this out:repparttar 127343 1st contact produces 2% of sales,repparttar 127344 5th to 12th contact produce 80% of sales.

So in your ezine ads and at your website, offer something free in exchange for an email address. And then follow up with sequential (or follow-up) autoresponders.

Here are some sites that offer free follow-up autoresponders:

http://www.auto-responders.net http://www.informationbyemail.com http://www.getresponse.com/orderfree.html http://www.rapidreply.net/free_features.htm

(5) Backend Sales: It's no secret that successful businesses make up to 80% of their sales from previous customers. Why? Because people who have bought from you before are much more likely to buy from you again (they know you, they trust you, they were happy with your product).

The hard work in marketing is getting a customer. Once you have a customer, they'll buy from you over and over again.

Contact your previous customers and let them know about another product that complimentsrepparttar 127345 product or service they bought from you. Experts reckon thatrepparttar 127346 value of 'a lifetime customer' lasts about 3 years - make use if it.

If you follow these 5 tips, you may well find that you can double your online sales withrepparttar 127347 traffic you already have.

To your success!

Michael Southon is the author of the popular new E-Book, 'Ezine Writer!' He shows webmasters how to dramatically improve traffic and sales: http://www.ezine-writer.com/free-report.html Join his twice-monthly newsletter 'e-Profit Tips': mailto:ept-subscribe@freezineweb.com

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