5 Critical Promotion Mistakes People Make With Articles

Written by Jim Edwards

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Article authors should spend at least half as much time writingrepparttar headline as they spend writing their actual article.

In fact, an "average" article can get superior results simply from having a great headline atrepparttar 146252 beginning.

Mistake #4 - "What's In It For Me"

If they manage to make it pastrepparttar 146253 first 3 pitfalls, many article authors trip on their shoelaces at this stage ofrepparttar 146254 process! Don't write about what you want to write about, only write on topics of high interest to your target audience.

In other words, give them exactly what they want and they will love you. Nobody cares how much of an expert you rate on a particular topic until they know you can deliver information they need in a way they can use - now!

Mistake #5 - "No Shoe Polish"

You could write an article worthy ofrepparttar 146255 front page ofrepparttar 146256 Wall Street Journal, but as soon as somebody spots a typo or misspelling, they immediately put your article lower than a Sunday sales circular.

Seriously, if you want to undermine allrepparttar 146257 good you can do with a great article, send it out without proper spell- checking!

No matter what product or service you sell, once you understandrepparttar 146258 promotion power of free articles, you'll never look at website traffic generationrepparttar 146259 same way.

But remember, if you abuserepparttar 146260 power, spam ezine editors, or blatantly pitch people instead of providing real information, you might as well skiprepparttar 146261 whole process altogether.

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Spyware, this time itís personal!

Written by Doug Woodall

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So there you are, a victim of Spyware. Youíve been used! You want revenge! You shout, "If only I could inventrepparttar perfect Anti-Spyware Tool!" Well maybe you shout something else, I know I have.

Would this perfect Anti-Spyware Tool tell you when visit a Website that has Spyware? Would it prevent Spyware from transmitting your information that it has collected? Would it even prevent Spyware form becoming active? Would it make Coffee too?

Ah if only it could be.

You have to safeguard your personal information when you are online.

Itís been said by a few that one way to curbrepparttar 146164 spread of Spyware is to allow it to collect certain types on information from you. Information you agree to. In turn, for collecting this information, you are compensated in some way. There are Websites and programs out there that do this in some way or form. You accrue points or whatever that you redeem for cash or a blender or whatever. Regardless of how its done, it might be a way to reducerepparttar 146165 anxiety of wondering if your personal information is being harvested and even worse, what they are using it for.

About the Author:

Doug Woodall has a website at http://www.spywarebiz.com

There he provides free information and recommended products to combat Spyware.

He is a member of the IWA (International Webmasters Association)

Doug can be reached at spywarebiz@comcast.net

Article edited for proper content by Wendy McCallum

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