5 Common Mistakes New E-zine Publishers Make

Written by Alexandria Brown

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Some publishers only use their e-zines to talk about how great they are. "We won this award and hired this new person and landed this new client… blah blah blah." This gets boring and turns off readers.

Instead, focus on providing information that will be *useful and educational* to your readers. This will make them love you! (Besides, there's plenty of room to tastefully plug yourself atrepparttar end of each issue.) Aim for a ration of about 75% helpful information and 25% self promotion.

MISTAKE 4. Not promoting their own businesses.

Here's justrepparttar 124284 opposite problem: Many people serve up great content to their readers, but don't takerepparttar 124285 opportunity to toot their own horns!

While your articles and features will be softly selling your expertise, there are several other ways to reinforcerepparttar 124286 fact that *you* are whom your readers should contact when they needrepparttar 124287 services you provide. Afterrepparttar 124288 article, give your full contact information, and a few sentences about WHAT you can do for your readers. End it with a call to action -- tell them to call for a free consultation, visit your Web site to read clients testimonials, or write you for a free quote.

MISTAKE 5. Not publishing on a regular basis.

Publishing regularly suggests to your readers that you're organized and can meet deadlines and commitments. But I still see many e-zines published on a random schedule - one colleague of mine even brags atrepparttar 124289 top of each issue that she basically sends out her e-zine "whenever she feels like it." By doing this, she appears flaky and unprofessional.

Your e-zine should be a steady "pulse" of your business, reminding your readers about your fabulous products and services on a regular basis.

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7 Rules for Ezine Ad Success

Written by Bilal Babic

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Rule # 3: Track Your Ads.

It is highly important for you to know which ads and which ezines are pulling responses.

You track your ads by simply placing a code atrepparttar end of your URL or email adress:

e-books@freeautobot.com?subject=ad1 http://resell-ebooks.reallyrules.com?ad1

Rule # 4: Grabrepparttar 124283 Reader's Attention.

Let's face it. People hate ezine ads like any other ads. They most often are trying to avoid reading your ad. So, in order to get folks respond to your ad, you need to write killer headline that grab people's attention. How to write killer headline... it is a diferent topic. However, make sure your headline addresses reader's needs, desires and worries.

Rule # 5: Deliver on Promise.

Make a promise, and deliver on that promise, so that when people click on your ezine ad and end up at your website, they are not upset. Make sure you always take them directly to further information about your offer, clearly presented. Don't let them get lost in a bunch of other information.

Rule # 6: Don't Try To Sell in Ads.

Don't be fooled into thinking you can place an ezine ad and sales are going to pour in like a flood. There simply isn't enough space in 5-8 lines of a sponsor or a classified ad to write a convincing sales letter.

The purpose of your ezine ads is to generate leads, not sales. Your ezine ad should only attract prospects that You can follow-up on.

Rule # 7: Offer an Attractive Freebie.

Like I said,repparttar 124284 purpose of your ezine ads is to generate leads, not sales. Andrepparttar 124285 best way to attract leads is to offer them a valuable freebie they can't resist.

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