5 Common Causes of Your Cat Urinating Outside the Litter Box

Written by Nancy E. Wigal

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You changerepparttar litter box location:

You decided it’s time to move kitty’s box down torepparttar 149984 laundry room fromrepparttar 149985 dining room. Kitty is not pleased, so she continues her habit of usingrepparttar 149986 dining room – minusrepparttar 149987 litter box!

One solution is to find a new location that’s acceptable to both of you. Barring that, you may well have to give in to kitty’s wishes, and putrepparttar 149988 darn box back where she likes it. It’s certainly cheaper than fightingrepparttar 149989 battle of cleaning uprepparttar 149990 urine stains and odor.

I feel your pain on this; my darn cat Scout lovesrepparttar 149991 exercise room as a prime litter box location. I really, really hate it when I’m onrepparttar 149992 elliptical machine, and Scout has to answer a call of nature that lingers long after she’s vacatedrepparttar 149993 box. Such is life!

A person comes to live with you and kitty:

If you subscribe torepparttar 149994 saying, “Love me, love my cat,” it can be challenging for a new partner if she/he wasn’t a cat person. Discomfort, anger, and resentment can manifest in bad kitty behavior outsiderepparttar 149995 litter box. Your significant other moves in (or you makerepparttar 149996 move), andrepparttar 149997 next thing you know, there are presents aroundrepparttar 149998 residence you’d rather not have.

You can solve this problem by ensuring that your cat andrepparttar 149999 other loved one give each a chance to get used to one another. This may entail confining your cat for periods of time, or getting your partner accustomed to cat behavior (climbing onrepparttar 150000 lap, meowing, sharingrepparttar 150001 couch, chair, or bed) over a period of time. The worst thing that can happen is for your partner to tease or abuse kitty. This could trigger an inappropriate elimination response.

Anytime your kitty stops using her box for no apparent reason is cause for immediate investigation. If you stop and think about any changes that have occurred inrepparttar 150002 immediate past, address those first. If you haven’t made any changes,repparttar 150003 culprit is most likely a medical condition that can easily be diagnosed and cured by your local kitty vet.


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Amy Dunphy

Written by Dog Training : House Training your dog or puppy

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If your puppy is going frequently inrepparttar house you are probably not supervising them enough. Watch and learn their cues. If you feel you are watching and your puppy isn't getting it you can always have them checked for a Urinary tract infection.

If your puppy piddles when you greet them, this could be submissive urination. This would be a problem that is usually cured by ignoringrepparttar 149983 behavior and letting your puppy calm down before touching them when you first see them.

This article not only applies to puppies, but it is how you should train a dog of any age. If you can't supervise your dog, please put them in a crate to help curb accidents. Remember, dogs go where they go most!

This can be a trying time, so have patience and you will get through it.

Amy Dunphy, CPDT is the owner and operator of the Dog Trainer Search

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