5 Cheap Ways to Promote Your Website Offline

Written by Anik Singal

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3. Bumper Stickers!

Honestly, donít lie Ė you know youíve been intrigued byrepparttar messages you see written on cars. You may have even called a few of those companies.

When youíre sitting a red light, thereís nothing better to do than to readrepparttar 149485 message onrepparttar 149486 car in front of you. A simple bumper sticker with an enticing offer and web address can slowly work charms.

More on those here: www.speedysigns.com

4. Speak your way to stardom

One of my latest strategies that has been getting me A LOT of business is to make myself available as a speaker at local events. I have been speaking at business events, schools, colleges and anywhere else where someone wants me to speak.

By speaking publicly, I am quickly being recognized as an expert. This strategy works so well that listeners donít even wait to see my website, they buy onrepparttar 149487 spot!

5. Direct mail

I saved this strategy for last because itís not for everyone. If you have some money and are willing to take a small risk, this isrepparttar 149488 strategy for you. Remember, highest risk equals high potential reward.

Sending direct mail (offline) to prospects still works as long as it is done correctly. You need to research this topic more and make sure you gather a targeted list of prospects.

The latest trend seems to be in sending postcards because they are short, torepparttar 149489 point andrepparttar 149490 least expensive to prepare and send.

No matter what, if you decide to try this strategy, I highly recommend researching in depth.

There you go, now there is absolutely no reason for you to only market yourself and your business onrepparttar 149491 internet. I have only revealed 5 ofrepparttar 149492 many ways to market offline, there are still many other techniques.

The main suggestion I want to give is that marketing offline typically costs more money than online and that you should always thoroughly research before you try (and make sure you can stomachrepparttar 149493 potential risk).

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Spiritual Meanings of Gemstones and Native American folklore

Written by Tarl Michael

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Wild Horse (white with black ): Wild Horse is mined in Nevada and is sometimes called White Turquoise or White Buffalo, but it is 75% Magnasite and 25% Hematite. One ofrepparttar most popular stones inrepparttar 149417 Southwestern today isrepparttar 149418 Beautiful Black and White Wild Horse. This stone is thought to energize and revitalize you, it also represents beauty, strength and determination.


Totem :

The animal spirits whose qualities we most associate with or those animal spirits which most associate with us. These are qualities that we feel most connected to or qualities that are connected with us. It is a simple belief, that we are all connected, humans, animals and mother earth.

Our animal spirits (totems) can guide us through all or certain parts of our lives. An easy way to learn your totem is to find a quiet place and concentrate or meditate. Don't try too hard or your totems will elude you. It is possible to have several totems and these totems can change as we change throughout life.

Every animal on earth is sacred, revered or has spiritual meaning in one culture or another. Just asrepparttar 149419 Eagle symbolizes unity, strength and freedom forrepparttar 149420 United States. Below we listrepparttar 149421 symbolic meaning of animals in many Native American Indian traditions.


Badger :Curesrepparttar 149422 sick, prays forrepparttar 149423 growth of healing herbs to be given to him.

Buffalo :Is thought to be a great spiritual protector, bringing nurishment torepparttar 149424 body and soul. When a white or albino Buffalo is born, it is thought to bring peace among nations.

Bear :Symbolizes strength and power. The Bear is considered to be one ofrepparttar 149425 most powerful and sacred of all animals. Becauserepparttar 149426 Bear hibernates, it is considered to bringrepparttar 149427 gift of renewal. The Bear Kachina is thought to have great power to curerepparttar 149428 sick.

Crow (kachina doll) :Is beneficial to agriculture because of his destruction of rodents.

Eagle :The Eagle represents strength and power, isrepparttar 149429 ruler ofrepparttar 149430 sky &repparttar 149431 messenger torepparttar 149432 heavens.

Lizard (kachina doll):Is thought to bring sweethearts together.

Owl (kachina doll):Symbolizes intelligence and Wisdom, it is very benificial to agriculture because of his destruction of rodents.

Wolf :Representsrepparttar 149433 Hunter, he uses his knowledge to find and capture game animals.

Chasing Star (kachina doll) :Chasing Star symbolizesrepparttar 149434 planets andrepparttar 149435 stars.

Morning Singer (kachina doll) :Appears on roof tops and sings songs to wakerepparttar 149436 village.

Sunface (kachina doll) :Represents warmth, shelter forrepparttar 149437 old, a bright future, and playfulness forrepparttar 149438 young.


The Arrowhead :Arrowhead is thought to representrepparttar 149439 hunter and also symbolizesrepparttar 149440 adventurer in each of us.


The above is for entertainment purposes only! These meanings are considered folklore or myth. Bearlanders Trading Co. does not make any such claims torepparttar 149441 above statements. Thank You !

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