5 CGI Scripts You Must Use to Turn Your Site Into a Powerhouse

Written by Marc Goldman

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should be using automated follow up mechanisms to: A. Capturerepparttar email addresses of targeted prospects interested in your products/services. B. Send a series of sequential, timed messages that trigger return visits to your website and turn potential onetime website visitors into return prospects. c. Remind customers about additional products and services that they may wish to order inrepparttar 107137 future or add to their current order. These are easy to maintain once they are installed on your site. All you have to do is writerepparttar 107138 email responses you want your prospects to receive and then upload them to your server. Then tellrepparttar 107139 script how long a time interval to wait before sending repparttar 107140 next message inrepparttar 107141 sequence. An important point when using follow up autoresponders: make sure they offer an unsubscribe feature so thatrepparttar 107142 recipients can opt out if they choose to. There are many great scripts out there that you can install on your own site. This will save yourepparttar 107143 monthly fees of using a hosted service but if you choose to use a third party tool, probablyrepparttar 107144 best one is available from getresponse: http://www.getresponse.com/?13323 Number 5: An error catcher. This may sound like a crazy tool to include in this list but bear with me. How many of you have tried to click on a link and found yourself on a 404 error page. Most web surfers who encounter this error immediately leave your site never to return again.This is probablyrepparttar 107145 worst thing that could happen to an internet business. What if you could create a page that said, OOPS you reached this page in error but why not visitrepparttar 107146 rest ofrepparttar 107147 site? This is certainly more enticing and if created properly can help keep a surfer on your site as opposed to off it. On our site, we use a script that catches errors and delivers a webpage apologizing forrepparttar 107148 mistake and offering other links to pages on our site. We have saved many visitors this way and we have also created many subscribers and customers through this method. If you want to see how it works, try this link http://www.goldbar.net/mistake.html The script we used to create these pages is freely available and can be set to email you when someone reaches a 404 page and also help you determine if anyone is trying to hack into your site or if a CGI script is not working. It is called errorbot.cgi and can be found at http://www.perlarchive.com These 5 scripts can make or break an internet business so why dont more people use them? I believe they don't have a clue how to install them. If anyone wishes to have CGI scripts on their site but needs help installing them, you can usually get help fromrepparttar 107149 programmer or visit a site like http://www.cgiguru.com who will usually install scripts for a nominal fee. CGI scripts have been around sincerepparttar 107150 advent of commerce onrepparttar 107151 internet and continue to powerrepparttar 107152 best sites. Even with new technologies such as ASP, Cold Fusion and PHP onrepparttar 107153 rise, CGI isrepparttar 107154 oldest and stillrepparttar 107155 best. Why not get these 5 scripts running on your website and start powering your way to new profits.

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Clever Profit Growth Software

Written by Jim Daniels

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This script offers a simple way to setup .htaccess or .nsconfig type user authentication to your web directories using username / password. It is a solid solution for managing private site signups. This script features auto- creation and expiration of accounts, account edit features, a customizable email template, and many other configurable settings.

Master Reciprocal Links http://willmaster.com/master/rlinks/index.shtml

Most search engines favor sites with links from other similar sites. But growing and maintaining a list of links can be a lot of work. Here's a free script that will automate these tasks for you. Not only doesrepparttar program make it easy to maintain a links page, it also finds out whorepparttar 107136 cheats are!

Your Own Associate Program http://www.palis.com/new/yoap16/index.htm

Leveragerepparttar 107137 efforts of hundreds or even thousands of other webmasters by opening up an affiliate program at your site. This script by Paul Galloway runs my program automatically and is used by many high-profile marketers.

Master Syndicator http://willmaster.com/master/syndicator/index.shtml

Do you offer articles, images or other content to webmasters, to use on their own sites? Here's a way to automaterepparttar 107138 process -- for you AND them! This script lets webmasters add two lines of JavaScript code on their page atrepparttar 107139 location where your content is to appear. Then, all you do is paste your column into your own Syndicator form and with one click you can automatically update every syndication websites' pages, all at once. Pretty slick eh?

CDomain Pro http://www.cdomain.com

This script contains a domain lookup which helps your visitors find existing domains and it also includes a powerful domain name wizard. The wizard combines descriptive words that your visitors enter and presents them with a list of related domain names that are available. If you are a domain name reseller, this lightning-fast, user friendly script is ideal, as it can take your visitors right to your domain name registration service. I liked this one so much I had it installed at my site! You can demo it at: http://www.bizweb2000.com/wizard.htm

If you feel that any of these scripts would enhance your website, visitrepparttar 107140 URL and learn more. Or, if you have an idea for your site and would like to automaterepparttar 107141 process, you can search for a script at .

And remember, don't pass up a script because of limited knowledge of cgi. While you can install cgi scripts on your server yourself, you can also hire someone else to do it. The key is to never stop transforming your site into a powerful lead and sale generator - and these scripts do just that!

Jim Daniels of JDD Publishing Company. Jim's free lessons will increase your website traffic. Visit http://www.bizweb2000.com/articles.htm or opt-in to his famous BizWeb eGazette. It's free forever... mailto:optin@bizweb2000.com

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