5LINX Poised To Take The World Of MLM To A Whole New Level!

Written by Eric L. Huntley

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Now 5LINX is poised to do what no Network Marketing Company has ever done an Infomercial! 5LINX has teamed up Hall of Fame Quarter Back Jim Kelly andrepparttar King of Infomercials Don Lapre! To make history in this business. Withrepparttar 122504 power of television millions of people will get to seerepparttar 122505 services and opportunity that 5LINX has to offer. They will have an 800 number to call into where there name, telephone number, and email address will be collected. They will already be excited aboutrepparttar 122506 services or opportunity do you think you can make some money from these leads?

The infomercial is set to air nationwide Nov.22nd. Like I said before it is all about timing and positioning. 5LINX taking MLM to a whole new level.

Eric L. Huntley is a (TSS) Trainer with 5LINX. To learn more about this unique opportunity Visit his website at www.5linx.net/ELH

How To Promote the Perfect MLM Program with Safelists

Written by Bob Mobino

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=> Test various Safelists to see which arerepparttar most "responsive", so you can stay-afloat withrepparttar 122503 profitable ones...

I have wasted two full years testing Safelists with religious persistence; but it finally paid-off BIG TIME!

The long-awaited outcome to succeeding with Safelists is mostly *what* program you endorse... having personally tested over 60 money making programs, I finally discovered an implausible MLM SYSTEM that outperforms any other promising program by at least 22:1 - never fail to remember thatrepparttar 122504 offer far outperforms any other element, especially with Safelists.

Want to 'see' which program?

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ See how to... "Turn Safelists into A Steady Income, withrepparttar 122505 *Right* Offer." http://close-sale.com/safelist.htm ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Once you 'trigger'repparttar 122506 mechanics of promoting your ads via "responsive Safelists" withrepparttar 122507 "RIGHT OFFER", sit back, relax and... watch your Bank Account engorging momentously!

Bob Mobino is the Author behind http://close-sale.com This Article, named "How To Promote the Perfect MLM Program with Safelists" can be freely distributed, provided that it's published with active hyperlinks and the Author's credentials.

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