Written by Thom Reece

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  • repparttar long-term viability ofrepparttar 136766 industry you are working in

  • repparttar 136767 potential for immediate and long term profits

  • training and on-going support ... a train-the-trainer program

  • your commitment to their success and willingness to hold their hand inrepparttar 136768 early stages.

  • etc. etc. 4. Make it easy forrepparttar 136769 prospect to sign-up now... and ASK them to do so.

    5. Immediate immersion ofrepparttar 136770 new distributor into a structured training and development program geared to build product knowledge, sales and marketing knowledge, procedural knowledge tied to individual goals and objectives, and... most importantly... a commitment to a written plan of action byrepparttar 136771 new distributor. 6 Automated systems in place for continuous follow-up shouldrepparttar 136772 prospect choose to "think it over". Remember ... The Money Is In The Follow-Up!

    Evenrepparttar 136773 most casual observer can see that this truly is a "Selling Process".

    Many ofrepparttar 136774 MLM guru's ofrepparttar 136775 day have built a long string of euphemisms to explain this process so as to cloakrepparttar 136776 fact that it is really all about professional consultative selling.

    I understand their concern. Most new network marketing recruits are not "selling types" and actually want nothing to do with selling.

    They are normally part-timers interested in supplementing their income by a few hundred dollars a month. If we understand that... and it is imperative that we do if we are to succeed... then it tells us how to structure our sales approach to most clearly appeal to this norm.

    Appeal torepparttar 136777 prospects desire for a supplemental income of $300 to $700 per month. Show them how that extra $300 to $700 per month will help them achieve their larger goals in life... getting debt free, education for their children, improved lifestyle, building for retirement, etc.

    Let him/her learn later that there is a bona fide opportunity to earn many thousands of dollars a month. Upon recognizingrepparttar 136778 very real possibility for serious income,repparttar 136779 motivated ones will strike out on their own to achieve it.

    I have developed a generalized MLM recruiting concept I callrepparttar 136780 3E-SYSTEM™ that I will discuss more in Lesson # 2 of this free mini-course.

    For now, go back and re-read this first lesson and adaptrepparttar 136781 mind-set that mlm recruiting is a professional consultative selling process. It will setrepparttar 136782 foundation for everything else we present in this free mini-course.

    To readrepparttar 136783 full Recruiting Mini-Course by email autoresponder send any message to: RecruitingMiniCourse@royal-responder.com

    Thom Reece is the author of "Magic-Methods of Recruiting Commission Salespeople" [www.RecruitingMagic.com] and consultant to the direct sales industry. His website Online Marketing Resource Center [www.e-comprofits.com] is visited by thousands of savvy marketers daily. Thom can be reached at: thom@e-comprofits.com, 808-929-7377


    Written by Thom Reece

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    In response torepparttar realities of getting older,repparttar 136765 baby boomers have discovered a new appreciation for, and an active persuit of a healthier lifestyle. They are watching their diets, exercising more, and beginning to look seriously at natural/alternative and preventative healthcare. As a result,repparttar 136766 Diet and Nutrition and Personal Care industries are now estimated to be a 56 Billion dollar annual market. They are expected to double inrepparttar 136767 next five years alone!

    This isrepparttar 136768 marketplace that Seasilver is targeted at. Our product is specifically designed and formulated to addressrepparttar 136769 needs and concerns of this aging population.

    As a great marketing guru once said..."To be successful, always riderepparttar 136770 marketing horse inrepparttar 136771 direction it wants to go." The baby boomers have spoken with crystal clarity...they want high quality, natural healthcare products that make them feel and look younger, give them increased energy, enable them to control weight, help them strengthen their immune systems, and give them a high quality of life.

    Dr. Ken Dychtwald, author of AgeWave, states it this way..."Entire industries will rise and fall in response to this anti-ageing, anti-obesity, pro-longevity obsession." He goes on to say..."Withrepparttar 136772 middle-aging ofrepparttar 136773 boomers, we are beginning to feelrepparttar 136774 impact ofrepparttar 136775 demographic 'age wave', whose mass and force will ultimately challenge every aspect of our personal, social, financial and political dynamics".

    As has beenrepparttar 136776 case fromrepparttar 136777 birth ofrepparttar 136778 first baby-boomers, there now exists tremendous opportunity for companies and individuals who recognizerepparttar 136779 trends, and are able and willing to capitalize on them. You can be such an individual by recognizingrepparttar 136780 opportunity that Seasilver represents.

    Thom Reece is a consultant to the direct selling industry and CEO of MaxxMLM.com [www.maxxmlm.com]. He can be reached at: thom@maxxmlm.com, 808-929-7377, Fax: 808-929-8711

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