4 tips to save a bundle on your next new car purchase

Written by Prashant Desai

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3. The Test Drive

We all enjoy a good test drive and look forward to it. Although it is essential to test drive a car before you buy it, remember to not show your absolute love forrepparttar car torepparttar 141051 salesperson. Their goal is to get you emotionally attached torepparttar 141052 car, so it becomes a must have for you. I have learned itrepparttar 141053 hard way.

To hide your emotional tears fromrepparttar 141054 salesperson, mentionrepparttar 141055 features of a competing car inrepparttar 141056 same class, likerepparttar 141057 new shape, light, leg room, resale value etc. This will makerepparttar 141058 salesperson a little vulnerable.

4. Monthly Payments

This one is to confuse you. Dealers will start talking about monthly payments rather thanrepparttar 141059 total price ofrepparttar 141060 car. They will start by asking how much you are willing to pay per month and how much of a down payment you are willing to pay. Since people donít want to look like they cannot afford a certain car, they will usually give a higher number. Big Mistake!

You have left little room for negotiation when this happens. Always steerrepparttar 141061 conversation torepparttar 141062 total price ofrepparttar 141063 car and do NOT mention any trade-ins at this point. Only afterrepparttar 141064 total price ofrepparttar 141065 vehicle is completely negotiated then talk about interest, monthly payment and trade-ins.

General Rule;

As a general rule, remember to only focus and negotiate onrepparttar 141066 Total Price ofrepparttar 141067 vehicle. Everything else is pretty muchrepparttar 141068 car dealerís trough.

Ifrepparttar 141069 above new car buying tips seem like a lot of hassle, yet you still want to getrepparttar 141070 best price in town, there are some websites that do this for you. http://www.AutoAuctionBids.com for example is a great website for this because you can collect price quotes from multiple local dealers for a particular car as well as its competing car models (like Honda Accord, Toyota Camry and Ford Taurus) and compare them.

The website then allows you to send backrepparttar 141071 lowest quotes received for each car make to all participating dealers in your area throughrepparttar 141072 website itself.

Dealers view this price and continue to submit new lower prices over a 3 day period. By putting local car dealers in such a price competition allows you to avoidrepparttar 141073 dreadful face to face negotiation and yet gets yourepparttar 141074 lowest price in town for up to 3 competing car makes.

The best part about AutoAuctionBids.com is that it is absolutely free for you and there is no obligation to buy afterrepparttar 141075 new car auction is over.

Prashant Desai, author of various consumer tips articles and industry expert for AutoAuctionBids.com. Email him at p_desai@autoauctionbids.com to sign up for e-Newsletter and visit www.autoauctionbids.com for more information.

Mazda Company Beginnings

Written by Mazda Fan

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As word spread aboutrepparttar Mazda models,repparttar 140917 orders swarmed into Japan. By late 1980, it was reported that 20 million vehicles were being produced.

A major milestone for Mazda was its 75th Anniversary, which also marked twenty-five years of business inrepparttar 140918 United States. In 1995repparttar 140919 Mazda company celebrated this tremendous achievement and looked forward to many more years of successful production.

The next event that proved Mazda was fast becoming a leader inrepparttar 140920 car industry came in 1997. At this time, forrepparttar 140921 sixth year in a row,repparttar 140922 Mazda Miata won an ďAll StarsĒ rating from Automobile magazine. Capitalizing on this, soon after Mazda came out withrepparttar 140923 Mazda 6 andrepparttar 140924 striking RX 8.

Looking for a new or used Mazda? Search at www.Mazda.us.com for Mazda vehicles, research latest models and receive a free price quote.

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