4 Ways to build your online credibility

Written by Sid John

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3. Put up an online picture.

If you really want a personal touch, put up a picture on your main page and link it to a brief profile with information about your background. In my experience, most ofrepparttar successful online entrepreneurs are people who have built up successful businesses or careers offline. If you have a particular degree, or certification or years of experience in any one area, let your site visitors know. It’s another way to make your website stand out and become a trusted online resource.

4. Create an opt-in email list Opt-in lists take time and work.

If you publish a regular newsletter and slowly build up your email list, it shows that you plan to be online for a very long time and that you are dedicated to your topic. In addition, you will build up a huge newsletter archive with tons of content that you can post online to build your page rank and get more site visitors.

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How to get traffic

Written by Bright Johnson

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Positioning gives a business competitive advantage. It is a word or more that you plant intorepparttar customers mind. Rank Xerox is known for photocopier, FedEx for overnight delivery, Microsoft for Windows, Yahoo for emails, Google for search engine, Volvo for safety, Ebay for marketplace, Amazon for books,repparttar 147448 American Army for war etc. It doesn’t mean these people will not sell something else but they are best known for one thing—the thing that will drive traffic.

To position yourself, take advantage ofrepparttar 147449 areas your competitors have failed or ignored. That is, find a new and better way to dorepparttar 147450 same old business and turn it into a slogan. Visit http://superriches.com/linkdw.htm and download Secrets of billionaires—how to be super rich free and learn how to prosper a business.

Bright Johnson, a money writer and researcher, is the publisher of www.superriches.com

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