4 Things About Multiple Streams Of Income You Should Know

Written by Lisa Cope

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Another good question. Your making me work here!

The main reason it is so important to have multiple streams of income is to insure that you will maintain a consistent monthly income each month. Some months it may be higher than others but it will be a constant flow every month.

Just think if one month your basic product sales are low, you will still haverepparttar income from your advertising sales and your affiliate programs. Then mayberepparttar 117398 next month you don't sell as much ad space on your website as usual, you will still have money coming in from your product sales and your affiliate programs.

If you didn't have multiple streams of income coming in then you may have no income at all! That's Not Good!!

Now I'm not saying that if you have your own product or program that you should stop putting your heart and soul into promoting it and start adding all kinds of other things to your already busy schedule. I'm just saying it is a good idea to add a few more eggs to your basket to ensure that you will maintain a consistent monthly income.

I truly hope you have found this information helpful and that I have given yourepparttar 117399 basic information you need to start earning a steady monthly income online.

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Learn why maintaining multiple streams of income is so important to your online business.

Public Domain Profits

Written by Stephen Bucaro

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1. Update an old classic story with new artwork. 2. Take an old classic story and write a variation. 3. Make an old classic into a simulated antique book. 4. Turn an old classic into something else, like a game. 5. Make an old classic or government photo based theme product, for example, a time management notebook. 6. Make an electronic or audio version of an old classic. 7. Turn an old classic into an educational item. 8. Make public domain photographs into a calendar, poster, or screen saver. 9. Gather a library or collection of public domain materials to sell to publishers.

I'm sure you can think of many other creative ideas. Any one of these ideas can berepparttar basis for a Web business.

Where can you find public domain material? You can go to a good search engine and search withrepparttar 117397 terms "public domain" or "government". Let me give you a few excellent sources of public domain materials to get you started.

- The Gutenberg Project (www.gutenberg.org) is an archive of over 3000 public domain books in plain text format available for free download.

- NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory (www.jpl.nasa.gov)

- US Army Corps of Engineers (www.usace.army.mil) Over 5,900 images cleared available for public release and are free for use. 700 under keyword "scenic".

- National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (www.noaa.org)

- NASA (http://visibleearth.nasa.gov)

- Library of Congress - Prints & Photographs Online catalog (www.loc.gov) Not all loc images are inrepparttar 117398 public domain. Ifrepparttar 117399 image is not inrepparttar 117400 public domain, only a thumbnail image is displayed.

- Images inrepparttar 117401 Public Domain (www.sru.edu/depts/cisba/ compsci/dailey/public/public_domain.htm)

- A directory of Public Domain sites (http://homepage.mac.com/krohrer/iad/links/clipart.html)

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