4 Steps to an Enjoyable Hike

Written by Kathy Burns-Millyard

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4. In addition to knowingrepparttar weather conditions, you will need to be prepared with a first aid kit that's appropriate forrepparttar 141189 hiking you will be doing. In most cases a simple kit will do. You can pick up a simple first aid kit at a local department or sporting goods store. Or you can build you own, which should include these basics: - Different sizes and shapes of bandages and gauzes. - Various types of tape for wounds or fixing tools. - Suntan lotion. - A light emergency blanket (preferably with some kind of water resistance). - Aspirin, allergy, laxative, and anti-diuretic medications. - Small multi-use tool with a knife, scissors, and a needle and thread. - A cell phone can come in very handy in emergencies.

It's a good idea to pack all of this in a waterproof bag or container.

Using these tips, your next hiking adventure should be quite comfortable, safe, and enjoyable!

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Macro Photography Inspirations, Tips and Tricks

Written by Paul Smith

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Use a small or white silver reflector to fill in shadow caused by overhead lighting orrepparttar camera itself

Boostrepparttar 141147 ISO setting to enable you to use faster shutter speeds or smaller apertures. Shots will be noisier, but images will be sharper with a larger depth of field

Use a tripod and cable release whenever possible to maximize depth of field and eliminate camera shake and ensure accurate focusing.

When using compact-style camera with an optical viewfinder, beware of problems with parallax an effect caused whenrepparttar 141148 viewfinder is offset fromrepparttar 141149 lens. Although you may have composed your shot perfectly inrepparttar 141150 viewfinder,repparttar 141151 fact thatrepparttar 141152 lens is in a slightly different position means thatrepparttar 141153 composition ofrepparttar 141154 finished image will be altered. The closer you get torepparttar 141155 subject,repparttar 141156 more inaccuraterepparttar 141157 view through viewfinder will be.

Paul Smith has been a proffesional photograper for the last 10 years. His works are mainly published as Postcards and Calendars in Australia.

More News, Reviews, Photography Techniques, Tips and Photoshop tutorials are available in his website: Digital Photography Journal

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