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Written by Melvin Perry

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The questions above will help steer you away from individuals who jump at your JV offer, yet never providerepparttar results. The reason why you establish joint ventures is because you want good, quick results. Therefore, do all that you can to find out aboutrepparttar 149228 individual before you actually partner with him.

But a good place to start contacting some well known joint venture partners is by visitingrepparttar 149229 website below:


The website above will give you a very good head start in locating partners. Try to shoot for as many joint venture partners as you can. The more partners you have,repparttar 149230 more larger your list can potentially become.

Step 3: Plan and Set Up Everything For Your Partners

The next thing you want to do is make sure that your JV partners find it easy to giveaway your product, and check their stats to see how much income they generated.

You want to providerepparttar 149231 JV partner with a web page that will collectrepparttar 149232 email addresses of everyone who is interested in downloadingrepparttar 149233 JV partner’s brandible product. Make surerepparttar 149234 web page has good sales copy!Remember,repparttar 149235 betterrepparttar 149236 sales copy,repparttar 149237 more products you giveaway. The more products that are given away,repparttar 149238 more income your partner can potentially make andrepparttar 149239 larger your list will be.

Next, you want to provide them with allrepparttar 149240 advertising resources that are needed to giveaway your free brandible product. Give them an ad that can be sent out to their newsletter. Give them a banner ad that they can use to advertise your product on their website.

Finally, you want to provide them with a means to check their sales stats. You can use a number of affiliate marketing software to do this.

Step 4: Launch Your Brandible Product

This isrepparttar 149241 easy part. Just plan for a launch date and have all of your partners advertise to their newsletters and ezines on that very same date. This can literally give you over a thousand subscribers in one night!

Just make sure you have enough bandwidth space for your hosting account in order to accommodaterepparttar 149242 huge surge of traffic hitting your website.

Now if you do exactly what I tell you to do inrepparttar 149243 steps above, you will have an email list that will:

1. Include thousands of subscribers. 2. Exponentially grow over time. 3. Passively give you thousands of dollars a month just from sending endorsements to your list.

If you are still unfamiliar aboutrepparttar 149244 steps above, just receive my free report that shows you step by step how to do everything I mentioned here. I even give you over 100 minutes of free online videos that will help you to build a profit pulling list building website. You can visit:


Melvin Perry is an internet entrepreneur whose been marketing online since mid 2002. During his marketing journey online, he has created various ways of sending tons of targeted traffic to websites. To learn some of his methods and receive over 100 minutes of free online marketing videos, visit http://www.workingonyourown.com/50kreport/

Choosing a website's name and the Horlicks factor.

Written by Englesos on the Web

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The final choice to go for grabthatcab.com is far more likely to linger inrepparttar memory especially when a well controlled analogue campaign (i.e. not digital – off line publicity) of posters, cards and flyers is used to follow uprepparttar 148649 site’s launch. A word of caution though – rememberrepparttar 148650 Horlicks effect.

Our English readers will wonder what a hot, milky malted drink has to do withrepparttar 148651 internet – those not acquainted with this product will probably be goggling (not Googling) atrepparttar 148652 double meaning in this essentially innocent name. Back inrepparttar 148653 1930’s, people apparently did not think that way. Today they do.

An excellent example of this effect - I have changed names to protectrepparttar 148654 guilty - isrepparttar 148655 website for Plain Homes – logically if unimaginatively entitled “Plain Homes UK” but reading as “Plain Home Suk” probably because we pay attention to how words start and finish, but very little torepparttar 148656 middle characters.

Regardless as torepparttar 148657 quality of their product – is it wise to put this o­nrepparttar 148658 website?

Oh dear….

Englesos is a Web and Graphic Designer working out of the Famagusta area of Cyprus. See more of his work on http://www.englesos.net or else at http://www.lookerscy.com.

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