4 Simple Tricks for Targeted Traffic

Written by Burke Ferguson

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and finally

-- Tip 4 --

When submitting your website torepparttar engines, do a bit of research and seek outrepparttar 128272 search engine(s) that "feeds"repparttar 128273 other search engines and thus submit torepparttar 128274 one or ones that feedrepparttar 128275 most to other engines.


Many search engines get their results from other search engines. For example, Google, supplies results or feeds results to AOL, Netscape, and iWon. So, if you get indexed within Google, you will most likely get intorepparttar 128276 indexes of AOL, Netscape, and iWon since these other engines get their results from Google. You getrepparttar 128277 idea? So even though you might only be submitting to one engine, you are "indirectly" submitting to many more.

These 4, small but very powerful ideas implemented into your site will bring you a big boost of Targeted Traffic. Because don't forget search engines are THE most largest source for Targeted Traffic online today.

This is because, whoever goes searching on a Search Engine is looking for one thing and usually one thing only. So if your site is present withinrepparttar 128278 top pages ofrepparttar 128279 niche or topic that visitor/searcher is looking for, you arerepparttar 128280 most likely candidate and target for him/her to hit by having your website right there in front of them.

Happy Searching.

Burke holds both a BSc. degree in Computer Science as well Certification in Search Engine Optimization and Marketing Strategies. He regularly publishes The ACE! newsletter, in which he shares his experience, methods, and knowledge with others. Burke can be contacted by his main website altacanweb.com or at the-ace-ezine.com

One Ebook Equals 400 links

Written by Stephan Miller

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Even another way is to create actual software. It's easy. Go to a free javascript directory, copyrepparttar javascript and create your ebook. Some ebook compilers will run javascript. 2.Create an installation package This is not necessary, but it helps a lot. You may be looking to create links to your site, but after all, aren't you doing this to get more visitors inrepparttar 128271 long run. Why not let everyone who downloads your ebook remember your site? Most free ebooks get buried in a person's computer by hundreds of free ebooks downloaded inrepparttar 128272 last year or so. Make sure this doesn't happen to you by installing your ebook on their computer. It's not hard. You can find installation software on most shareware sites. What this software basically does is create a link to your ebook on their desktop and in their start menu. You can also add a link to your site in your ebook's start menu folder. 3. Learn about PAD A PAD file is an XML file that contains allrepparttar 128273 info on your software ( or ebook). You create it one time and then submitting your software to shareware and freeware sites is simple. Most sites have a form that says "Submit Pad." You just putrepparttar 128274 link to your PAD file inrepparttar 128275 box and click "Submit" The site will load all of your info automatically. You may have to choose a category for your software, but that's about it. Free PAD creation software is available at most shareware sites. 4. Start submitting Do a search on Google for "Submit PAD" or "Submit PAD file." It's as easy as that. If you want to, download a software submission program. The advantages to a program like this is that is will store your info and submit to sites that don't accept PAD files. Also some sites require you to set up an account, free, of course. This software will automatically log you in and remember your username and password. They are also fast. I submitted one ebook to over 400 sites in less than a week. You too can take an active part in your link popularity, instead of begging for links, you can easily create a free product that will have your visitors coming back for more.

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