4 Powerful Mind Principles to Control Your Destiny

Written by Michael D. Pollock

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Principle 2 Your power exists only inrepparttar now. Last year is gone. Last month, last week, last night, 1 second ago are all gone. They do not exist, except in your memory. They are meaningless, except forrepparttar 126354 meaning you give them.

Likewise, tomorrow, next week, next month, etc. do not exist, except in your imagination, which you can control.

Action to take - Be here now. Always. Concentrate on what you're doing now. Remember, now is all that exists, and so,

now is where your power exists. Recite "be here now."

Principle 3 Your thoughts and emotions are creative forces. The thoughts and feelings you choose to focus upon most consistently will eventually manifest in your physical reality. If you consistently focus on thinking and feeling prosperous, you will create that in your reality.

Action to take - In each moment, get a grip on what you're creating. Decide what you want to have or experience, and create that, both mentally and emotionally. Experience it as if it exists now. Bringrepparttar 126355 experience intorepparttar 126356 now.

Principle 4 Whatever you resist, you cause to persist. As you resist any undesired experience, you focus your thoughts and emotions upon that experience. By focusing onrepparttar 126357 experience, you only create more of it.

Action to take - Embrace your undesired experiences, for you can not know what you want unless you know what you don't want. One can not exist withoutrepparttar 126358 other. Continually shift your focus to what you do want.

In his book "Mind Power Intorepparttar 126359 21st Century," John Kehoe explains: "Your mind is like a garden . . . and you are its master gardener. You can cultivate this garden, or you can ignore it . . . But make no mistake: you will reaprepparttar 126360 harvest for your work or neglect."

Cultivate your garden. Resolve to master your history, and control your destiny by incorporating these 4 principles into your daily life.

It's your life! Make it great.

Michael D. Pollock is a Personal Coach. He works with small business owners to help them build their business without selling themselves or "selling out" on themselves. Visit his website at http://www.michaeldpollock.com. Subscribe to his popular ezine "It's Your Life!" by sending a blank email to ItsYourLife-Subscribe@topica.com.

Postpartum Depression: What Women Aren't Telling Their Doctors

Written by Robyn B. Surdel

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Dr. Cheryl Beck and Dr. Robert Gable atrepparttar University of Connecticut have developed a new screening tool to assist health care professionals with identifying new mothers who may be at risk or suffering from postpartum depression. Dr. Beck suggests that doctors, midwives, and nursing staff should continuously evaluate new mothers throughoutrepparttar 126353 first year after giving birth asrepparttar 126354 more severe of these conditions may not surface until well afterrepparttar 126355 6-week obstetric check up.

While only 1% of new mothers may experiencerepparttar 126356 more obvious symptoms of Postpartum Psychosis (hallucinations, delusions, an inability to sleep, poor appetite, and bizarre/irrational behavior) these arerepparttar 126357 women who are at risk of hurting themselves or their new baby. Early detection of perinatal mood disorders is imperative to prevent another senseless loss of life, however our perception of mental illness and its associated diseases must change. Women need to feel confident that their healthcare professionals will take appropriate steps to get themrepparttar 126358 help they need without fear of shame or consequence.

If you are concerned that someone you love is experiencing any ofrepparttar 126359 above symptoms, please request help in your area by going onrepparttar 126360 web to www.postpartum.net. Professionals are standing by to answer your questions.

Robyn B. Surdel Robynís Nest ~ The Parenting Network www.robynsnest.com robyn@robynsnest.com

After having children, Robyn found that there was a need for reliable and current information on all children's issues. Not finding the medical, behavior or psychological information available to parents or grandparents, she wondered what to do. Of course, being skilled on the computer, informed about children's issues and with a desire to help others, she started her web site and put aired information on TV.

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