Written by Larry Dotson

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For example: When you buy our ebook you can get $10 off a marketing e-course from (repparttar businesses name )!


Give people a reason to buy more of your e-info products. Offer them $5 off an e-info product order over $40. If all your ebooks are priced at $20 they'll have to buy 2 instead of only buying one. This will earn you more profits inrepparttar 125206 long run.

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Three Ways to Make a Name For Yourself on the Web

Written by Kevin Nunley

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To get started, pick a couple of groups you find interesting. Join up, but don't post just yet. Hide out for a while and get a feel forrepparttar interests ofrepparttar 125205 group andrepparttar 125206 tone ofrepparttar 125207 conversations. See who postsrepparttar 125208 most and who seems to berepparttar 125209 most respected. Also, see if you can pick outrepparttar 125210 naysayer, orrepparttar 125211 "troll underrepparttar 125212 bridge," (every group has one it seems) so you can avoid any hassles.

When you're ready to dive in, pick a question and give a good solid answer, without a lot of opinion or comment. Make it a goal to answer a question once or twice each week. Keep your answer strictly non-commercial but DO include your commercial signature file atrepparttar 125213 end sending people to your site and email. If people respect your answers, you'll find yourself with more business.

3. Chat Rooms:

Chat rooms arerepparttar 125214 least formal of these formats. These are those discussion groups you can get involved in where there is a scrolling conversation of people commenting back and forth in real time. They can be very entertaining, and also a great marketing tool.

Before you can start you will have to register with a user name, and usually a bio. Once again include your url, and email. When you start chatting, keep a friendly tone and get to knowrepparttar 125215 people you're talking to. Don't immediately start pushing your product. You have to userepparttar 125216 soft sell approach. People in general do not like being "sold", especially by someone online they've never met. Though they can see you in chat rooms, read your website, view posts on a bulletin board, you will need to build a reputation with them.

It is important to appear inrepparttar 125217 chat room atrepparttar 125218 same time every day or several days per week. Let visitors know what your chat room schedule is. If you make a positive contribution torepparttar 125219 discussion and stay on top of what's going on, you can becomerepparttar 125220 resident expert who visitors and regulars turn to for information and for business.

So remember,repparttar 125221 Internet is a great marketing tool in more ways than you think. Use bulletin boards, discussion groups and chat rooms to promote your business. If you just keep your eyes and mind open, all sorts of opportunities will present themselves.

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