4 Days to Better Health

Written by Ryan Cote

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Day 4: Stress Management and Sleep

Stress management and getting good sleep each night round out your path to better health. Until you get your stress under control, it will continue to do damage to your body. Two tips you might want to implement include prioritizing your day each morning and practicing deep breathing exercises.

Getting enough sleep each night is equally important when you consider your body needs this time to repair itself. You should aim for 7-9 hours each night. Two tips you might want to implement include exercising and avoiding late night eating.

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Coping With Cancer-A Family View

Written by Paul Curran

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Family & friends should keep a close eye on each other if possible. Following such a trauma it is oftenrepparttar case that people will shut themselves away and shun any social contact. Pick uprepparttar 147439 telephone and call each other. Keeping in touch with someone who has lost a husband, wife or partner is very, very important.

They have been used to being with a particular person, often for decades, so try to imaginerepparttar 147440 shock when that person is taken away from them; especially if it is sudden. Try to arrange some event (the theatre, a film etc) so that they will still feel part ofrepparttar 147441 'family' and it will get them socialising again.

It is natural to be more attentive immediately afterrepparttar 147442 event but don't let it slip into long periods between contact inrepparttar 147443 future.

They say 'Time Heals'. I say that 'Time makes it hurt less'.

Atrepparttar 147444 end ofrepparttar 147445 day death is part of life. We just need to learn to cope with it.

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