4 Basic Principles for Pool and Water Safety

Written by Kathy Alexander

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Door alarms, pool alarms and pool covers can also provide additional levels of protection, adding obstacles for an exploring toddler to have to get through before reachingrepparttar possible harm of submersion inrepparttar 141011 water.

Swimming safety skills

If infants and toddlers are relaxed inrepparttar 141012 water, they can hold their breath and provide parents with a few extra seconds to pick them up out ofrepparttar 141013 water. Asrepparttar 141014 children progress pastrepparttar 141015 water adjustment stage, it is important to teach skills such as jumping in, turning around and swimming back torepparttar 141016 side, recovering up for a breath and rolling torepparttar 141017 back for a breath. These skills provide additional protection should an unsupervised water entry occur.

Infant/Child CPR

Have an emergency action plan prepared so that inrepparttar 141018 event of an accident you are able to stay calm and react efficiently and quickly. It is important all parents and caregivers are certified in Infant/Child CPR and first aid procedures.

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Unique Baby Shower Gifts: Diaper Cakes

Written by Regina Taylor

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Cakes might contain one or more ofrepparttar following: -Disposable diapers -Hooded towels -Receiving blankets -Undershirts -Snap-shirts -Burp cloths -Bibs -Socks -Shoes or booties -Baby bottle

Small Baby Accessories may include: -Pacifier -Pacifier holder -Comb and brush Set -Scratch mits -Rattles -Teethers -Washcloths -Feeding sets -Nasal aspirators -Small baby lotion -Small baby shampoo -Small baby powser -Small baby bath -Squeak toys -Bath books -Baby hangars -Wash mitts -Bath thermometers -Boo bunnies

Diaper cakes are ideal for baby shower gifts, table centerpieces, gifts for new parents, and welcome-to-the-world gifts for babies. Make your gift stand OUT -- consider purchasing a baby diaper cake for your next affair!


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