4 Articles = 2 Bestsellers For 2 Years

Written by Wayne Perkins

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When you write for your own e-zine, you are a promoter.

When you write for somebody else's e-zine you are an expert!

Action Plan:

Here is an e-zine action plan guaranteed to offer you any ofrepparttar following results:

1. The plan will make you popular.

2. The plan will make you money.

3. The plan will make you popular and make you money.

Letrepparttar 125172 Plan Begin.

Goal: Your goal is to make a total 10 article submissions per day, every day. If you miss a day catch up onrepparttar 125173 weekend.

Where do I find all of these e-zines and newsletters I can submit my articles?

Here is my cheap and easy guide to submitting e-zine articles.

Step 1

Go torepparttar 125174 search engine AltaVista at:


Step 2. Think big, very, very big. Since you are not "paying" for advertising, you can forget about all ofrepparttar 125175 target marketing you learned inrepparttar 125176 non-internet world.

For example, if you write e-books or sell products related to "weight," instead of using "weight" as a keyword to search, pick a word like "health."

Letrepparttar 125177 most popular websites onrepparttar 125178 Internet dorepparttar 125179 target marketing for you.

Inrepparttar 125180 empty search box on AltaVista, type inrepparttar 125181 word.... health.

Step 3 Click on "search" and around 56 million pages will be found by AltaVista.

Step 4. Here is your million-dollar tip. Inrepparttar 125182 "search for box" substitute two words for health.

The two words are...submit article.

Underrepparttar 125183 "search for box" there will be a little square box that reads, "Search within these results"

Click on that box and then click onrepparttar 125184 "Search" button.

Step 5. You will get a new search result netting over 14,000 pages that are displaying where to submit articles inrepparttar 125185 "health" category.

Of course after you are finished submitting to over 14,000 websites and e-zines you may want to search on "weight" and completerepparttar 125186 same process.


Publish your articles in other's e-zines and newsletters. Maybe you too will be able to publish two best sellers for two years or berepparttar 125187 top marketer with your products with only 4 articles.

Wayne Perkins is the best-selling author of "A Cheap and Easy Guide to Self-publishing E-books." Wayne presents free teleseminars for Internet marketers, speakers and authors. Information about " Write and Sell Your First E-book ' is listed below: http://www.wayneperkins.net/ebooks/write.html mailto:wayne@wayneperkins.net

Use Online Auctions to Promote Your Business!

Written by Ron Sathoff

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* Use auctions to determine prices. One question that I get a lot from clients is, "How much should I charge for so-and-so?" If you have this kind of question, auctions can be a great way to gauge prices. Put your item on auction and see how much people are willing to bid on it. Don't just look atrepparttar high bid -- remember that there are some "insane bidders" out there -- rather, look atrepparttar 125171 maximum bids from all bidders to get an idea of what customers are willing to pay for your product.

* Link your auction to your business. Now, before I go any further, I have to warn you to read your auction service's policies CAREFULLY -- many services will not allow you to put a direct link to your web site in your auction description.

Even if you can't put a link directly in your auction, you might still be able to promote your business. For instance, many services will have an "about me" page where you can put a link to your business. Also, there is nothing keeping you from linkingrepparttar 125172 sites inrepparttar 125173 other direction -- putting a link to your auctions on your web site, for instance.

One ofrepparttar 125174 things that has always impressed me aboutrepparttar 125175 so- called "net gurus" is their ability to be creative in their advertising and promotion efforts. Online auctions seem to be a great candidate for that type of creativity.

Ron Sathoff is a noted speaker and manager of DrNunley's http://InternetWriters.com He provides copy-writing, marketing, Internet promotion, and help for business speakers. Reach him at ron@drnunley.com or 801-328-9006.

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