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Written by Beverley Hamilton

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The insight of great managers is that “People don’t change that much. Don’t waste time trying to put in what was left out. Try to draw out what was left in. That is hard enough” (2)


Sales managers or directors need their teams to deliver for their company and their customers. They need their teams to collaborate effectively. Often this is interpreted, as we need people who are XYZ and who can do ABC i.e. a team of like minded individuals equally capable and equipped. Great managers say, “excellent teams are built around individual excellence. The manager’s role is to make sure that each individual is positioned inrepparttar right role…to balancerepparttar 127189 strengths and weaknesses of each individual so that they complement each other” (2)

Having a team with diverse skills and talents adds strength, as there are opportunities for flexibility and adaptability. As markets change, a company’s speed of reaction becomes paramount to maintaining competitive advantage. This may mean creating ad hoc teams or to use a military term “rapid reaction forces” These teams may consist of people who don’t know each other, aren’t located together and have no experience ofrepparttar 127190 task/market or product they are being asked to deliver. However, through their diverse capabilities, talents, nationality and cultural awareness, as a compatible team, they can collaboratively determine their goal, plan and implement a strategy to deliver successfully much quicker and effectively than could a like minded group, who all think and actrepparttar 127191 same. Imagine a soccer team with 11 goalkeepers!


“…the reason for virtual team failure is directly related torepparttar 127192 difficulties of building trusting, positive relationships acrossrepparttar 127193 three boundaries of geographical distance, time zones and cultural differences.” (3)

Where a company is a global player,repparttar 127194 nature of its sales teams is different. A salesperson may have to manage a multi-site and/or multi-country customer and become a global account manager. They need to manage a global strategy in local markets and deal withrepparttar 127195 differences of time, location and culture. They need to think and communicate differently to ensure their customer, their team, their manager and their HQ and support areas are kept informed and aware of what they are doing for and with their customers. Providing and using appropriate resources to manage this connectivity issue will often be a key factor in effectiveness. To truly share information and learn from it to benefitrepparttar 127196 customer e.g. develop new products, takes well developed communication structure and processes.

“If one part ofrepparttar 127197 company learns something important about a process or market or customer, it has to be communicate to all…Sharing knowledge avoids re-inventingrepparttar 127198 wheel and with all players up to speed, less explanation is required to make changes and become more nimble inrepparttar 127199 market. That isrepparttar 127200 core of a learning organisation” (1)

As such sales managers will takerepparttar 127201 role of conductor and orchestrator ensuring that allrepparttar 127202 players keep in time, playrepparttar 127203 same tune and complete on cue together to give an unforgettable performance for their audience.


Insiderepparttar 127204 successful organisations ofrepparttar 127205 future, product developers must translaterepparttar 127206 customer’s changing needs onto new products and services. Tomorrow’s corporate leaders will have to discover new ways to make sure that everyone inrepparttar 127207 organisation… keep their eyes on one thing;repparttar 127208 customer” (1) If they don’t their competitors will.

If a more intimate relationship between company/salesperson andrepparttar 127209 customer is needed,repparttar 127210 traditional selling methods of “selling” features and benefits won’t work. A more consultative/partnership approach needs to be adopted. This will involve salespeople being industry, market and customer specialists. Only then can innovative or creative solutions be discovered. Maintainingrepparttar 127211 edge is crucial to succeed Taking this one step further, means that companies need to create processes for dealing with change and havingrepparttar 127212 will, resources and structure to exploit it ahead of their rivals.

Delivering global value to customers has a variety of implications for salesforces. To keep ahead ofrepparttar 127213 competition requires capable people, compatible teams, connectivity networks and creative solutions. The task for company leaders is to providerepparttar 127214 structure and resources for mangers to deliver these for their people.

1 – The Great Business Challenges ofrepparttar 127215 New Millennium – HR Chally 2002 2 – First Break All The Rules – Marcus Buckingham and Curt Coffman 3 – Grovewell - www.grovewell-global.com

Beverley Hamilton, a professional coach and facilitator and owner of One Step Further, works with senior sales executives and international and global teams to improve personal and team effectiveness and deliver increased business results and customer loyalty. She has worked with clients in the public and private sectors both in the UK and overseas including British Airways, Lloyds TSB, oneworld alliance and Surrey and Carmarthenshire County Councils

How to Sell High Tech Solutions

Written by Amy Fox

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Turnrepparttar Tone from an Interview to a Conversation Instead of assuming knowledge ofrepparttar 127188 client’s needs, I recommend a salesperson beginrepparttar 127189 first meeting by askingrepparttar 127190 client about their expectations. I also advise them to cancelrepparttar 127191 list of leading questions. Replace this with a list of resultsrepparttar 127192 client desires and their potential business challenges. Shiftingrepparttar 127193 focus fromrepparttar 127194 salesperson torepparttar 127195 client will changerepparttar 127196 tone ofrepparttar 127197 meeting from an interview to a conversation. Askrepparttar 127198 Right Questions The art of selling is still about asking good questions. They simply must be framed with a different purpose. Try building in questions that putrepparttar 127199 client inrepparttar 127200 driver’s seat. For example, ‘What would you like to learn more about?’ or “How can I help resolve these issues?’ These questions can generate a host of answers that relate back torepparttar 127201 product andrepparttar 127202 solutions technology offers. Shortened presentations that focus on companies’ capabilities and how to expand them through technology help close deals. Info dumps are a bore and can even damagerepparttar 127203 sale process becauserepparttar 127204 customer is not engaged. If high tech salespeople lose themselves in toutingrepparttar 127205 capabilities ofrepparttar 127206 product, they lose their most distinguishing feature – themselves

Amy Fox has designed and delivered sales training for Fortune 500 telecommunications and technology firms for companies such as Global Crossing Telecommunications, Cincinnati Bell, and Trivantis. Ms. Fox has taught M.B. A. courses at Xavier University on creating a coaching culture. Amy Fox founded Accelerated Business Results in 2003.

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