3 Ways to squeeze even more revenue out of your Traffic Equaliser Pages

Written by Jason Hulott

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Changerepparttar word ford to [keyword]

This will allow you to automatically create a ebay filled banner or table based onrepparttar 149730 keywords you enter.


Signup torepparttar 149731 Amazon affiliate program at associates.amazon.com.

Userepparttar 149732 Build links function and selectrepparttar 149733 Recommendend Product Links. From their you can work thorugh and build a whole range of different sized links and banners. Selectrepparttar 149734 Iframe version ofrepparttar 149735 size you require and cut and pasterepparttar 149736 code into Notepad.

You will see withrepparttar 149737 code there is search=ford for example:

Changerepparttar 149738 word "ford" to [keyword] on your template pages.

When you runrepparttar 149739 Traffic Equaliser, you will be adding a search ofrepparttar 149740 amazon products withrepparttar 149741 keywords you are using. This will mean everypage will have different results. If there are no results for that keyword when you have builtrepparttar 149742 page go intorepparttar 149743 page itself and changerepparttar 149744 keyword for amazon to something which will bring up results

Affiliate Program Feeds

Check with your affiliate network to see if they haverepparttar 149745 facility to run content links. Commission Junction and Tradedoubler both have programs where you can run definable content links. Inrepparttar 149746 UK, UK Affiliates and Affiliate Window both have these facilities which can work as well.

Check them out at:

www.cj.com www.tradedoubler.com www.dgm2.com www.affiliatewindow.com www.affiliatefuture.co.uk

Well hopefully , this has given you a few ideas on how to be a bit more creative with your Traffic Equalizer Templates, using multiple sources of income per page will give yourepparttar 149747 Force Multiplier Effect onrepparttar 149748 user, they will have several options if they land on one of your pages.

Atrepparttar 149749 very least, it will make your pages more appealing to search engines will all this up torepparttar 149750 minute and relevant content.

Now it is time to put these ideas to practice!

Jason Hulott is a long suffering Affiliate Marketeer and Affiliate Program Manager at Affiliate Marketing Optimizers , J2 Squared Limited. Currently using a whole range of tools and products to run an affiliate empire which just about pays the bills! If you want a copy of any of the template pages we use for Traffic Equaliser then feel free to drop me an email at jason@j2-squared.com.

Affiliate Marketing Nightmare - Don't Let This Happen To You!

Written by Chris Ellington

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Why You? It's likely that you're notrepparttar only company offeringrepparttar 149729 chance to sell a product or service like yours. Give your prospective affiliates a reason to choose your program over your competitor's. Do you do it faster, better, cheaper? Why is it going to be easier and more profitable to sell for you than for someone else? Why do you deserve their attention? Why do you deserverepparttar 149730 attention of their visitors?

With 20 years of direct sales under my belt, I certainly know how to craft a presentation to crush my competition. I put direct comparisons to other article submission services right on my home page. I created an instructional video to make it easy to submit articles. Audio prompts explain every step ofrepparttar 149731 way. I have a long listing of places that articles are submitted. There is no reason someone would want to do article submission on their own (because it's tedious) or with any of my competitors (they don't haverepparttar 149732 reach, and their prices are exorbitant) so I knew that there was no problem in this area. So I moved on torepparttar 149733 final point.

Promote! Promote! Promote! You have to be as diligent in promoting your affiliate program as you are in promoting your products. You have to let people know that you've got a great deal for them. You must let people know that you have an affiliate program, you must provide tools, banners, graphics, articles, ads, and links that they can use to drive traffic to your site.

This was my problem. I was suffering under a "If you build it, they will come" delusion, and it almost killed my response. I didn't even know how hidden my affiliate link was, until I had a conversation (remember, I'm a talkative guy) with a new affiliate. She was an existing customer. She had been torepparttar 149734 site, pored over it, in fact, and had asked questions. She had used our services, so when I asked her what prompted her sudden interest in joiningrepparttar 149735 affiliate program, I was shocked by her response. "I didn't even know you were set up for affiliates until I read it Michael Campbell's Internet Marketing Secrets newsletter. (www.internetmarketingsecrets.com) When I saw that he was telling people how great your service was, I said, "Hey, I can do that!"

So it wasn't until I started promotingrepparttar 149736 service that I discovered how important it is to promoterepparttar 149737 affiliate program as much as it is to promoterepparttar 149738 article submission service itself. To ensure that it's easy to find, I have movedrepparttar 149739 affiliate link on my site. It's now prominently displayed right in my main navigation and clearly marked "Become an Affiliate".

I hope that you'll take this story to heart and implement these four techniques. Start by adjusting your program, make sure you talk with your customers, check your value proposition, and then begin trumpeting your affiliate program fromrepparttar 149740 rooftops. You'll see a quick improvement in your affiliate sign ups!

Chris Ellington gives effective and easy to implement marketing strategies to small business owners and home business entrepreneurs. His Article Marketer website drives thousands of targeted web visitors to your site by distributing your articles to editors and publishers around the world. Try it for free at www.ArticleMarketer.com.

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