3 Ways to Increase Your Traffic Today

Written by Dr. Roger Wilcox

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ROIbot also has a ton of other cool tools for automating various Internet marketing tasks. It will automate just about everything: except your creativity, of course.

3. Sticky Reminders

If people don't come back on their own (they probably won't), you need to remind them to come back. Better - you need to "give them a reason" to come back.

Clearly,repparttar best way to do this is to run an email newsletter. Provide some valuable content in your newsletter each time and your readers will love you for it. Once they love you, get them to come back to your site by reminding them about your valuable content. Or, you can inform them of new useful features as you add them.

The above two resources I listed will empower you to run your own email newsletter right now. ROIbot has a feature called "Newsletter Server" that will let you manage your newsletter totally from your PC. It's very powerful, and totally easy to set up. If you like configuring CGI scripts, and your server can handlerepparttar 125243 extra stress, "CGI-Resources" has a number of scripts you can install.

Do all of this stuff today and you'll see an immediate increase in your site traffic. Guaranteed.

Dr. Roger Wilcox is a well-known author and Internet Marketing expert. Right now, he works as a professional affiliate to prove that anyone can make a generous living on the Internet. His affiliate program of choice is ROIbot: http://www.roibot.com/r.cgi?R30111_3traffsig

Five Outstanding Free Resources to Grow Your Online Business TODAY!

Written by Pam Renovato

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4. If you have an ebook for sale, you can list it at IMarketing Resource free. You need to provide information on how visitors can purchase your ebook through you. Inrepparttar future they will implement a pay system and pay you 60% royalties to accept payments for you. http://www.imarketingresource.com/uploads/eBookStore/

5. There is a new ebook Website. If you have an ebook related site, resources, or have written an ebook, you can list it here free. They also have ebook lists you can join while there. Ebook News--for announcing your new ebooks, and Ebook Talk--for discussing ebook ideas and concepts. http://ebooknews.netfirms.com/

Well, that is all for this time. I hope that we have allowed you to take back some of your time searching for resources. Perhaps now you can spend your time doing other things that require your attention. Don't forget to check back to make use ofrepparttar 125242 free resources we will continue to add to http://www.thefreeadnetwork.com/sprouts.html

Pam Renovato is the Webmaster of "Internet Marketing With TEETH!" http://thefreeadnetwork.com She invites you to participate in the free affiliate program at http://thefreeadnetwork.com/sell.html and receive a free copy of "Creative Product Creation." This ebook sells for $17 with full resell rights and will only be available free until April 27th, 2001.

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