3 Ways To Sell and Have Fun Doing It

Written by Jay Conners

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So why canít you sell your product inrepparttar supermarket? What is stopping you? Ask to speak withrepparttar 145358 manager, and explain that you would like to set up a small table in an out ofrepparttar 145359 way place so that you could sell your product.

Make sure you are prepared to explain yourself clearly, and that your only objective is to offerrepparttar 145360 customers ofrepparttar 145361 supermarket an added extra convenience!

I must admit, this is a tough go, but if you get your foot inrepparttar 145362 door, you are golden, I know, Iíve done it!

The supermarket I set my table up in averaged eighteen thousand customers per week, imaginerepparttar 145363 potential!

Block Parties

Keep an eye out in your weekly paper, or better yet, those free community papers all towns seem to have that come out weekly or monthly. A lot of times duringrepparttar 145364 spring or summer, towns will have block parties or perhaps they call it a festival.

If you have ever been to one of these festivals, you have noticed that they close down an entire street, usuallyrepparttar 145365 one that runs throughrepparttar 145366 heart of town. It is here that all ofrepparttar 145367 vendors flock to sell their products out onrepparttar 145368 street, or from a booth or table onrepparttar 145369 sidewalk. There is no reason why you canít jump on this and get involved! All you need arerepparttar 145370 same props you used for your sidewalk sale. Trust me, this works, Iíve done it!

There is a down side to this however, and that is, these festivals usually take place on Saturday, and you may be subject to making a donation in order to participate. But hey! Itís only once a year, so go for it! Youíll have fun. I did!

Jay Conners is the owner of www.jconners.com, a mortgage resource center for mortgage brokers, loan officers, and lenders. He is also the owner of www.callprospect.com, a mortgage lead company, specializing in fresh leads.

Expecting the Unexpected Can Save Your Tradeshow

Written by Susan Friedmann

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Advance preparation is onlyrepparttar first step. Whether an emergency response works well or not depends on how effectively your team implements it. Use your pre-show meeting to establish how you want your team to ACT during an unforeseen event.

A: Assess Itís easy to panic and run after any solution when a problem first occurs. Youíve made a substantial investment in time and money to be atrepparttar 145357 trade show, and to see it run less than smoothly can be terrifying. Remember to take a moment to stop, consider every aspect ofrepparttar 145358 problem, and make a list of your possible solutions.

C: Coordinate Make sure that every member of your booth staff is aware of whatrepparttar 145359 situation is, what your planned solution is, andrepparttar 145360 roles you expect each staff member to play. This avoids duplication of effort when two or more employees haverepparttar 145361 same good idea. It also ensures youíll have adequate exhibit coverage at all times. This is where your training efforts pay off Ė when one or more staff members can cover forrepparttar 145362 others and still create a flawless show experience forrepparttar 145363 attendees.

Additionally, inrepparttar 145364 case of show-wide difficulties (power outages, flooding, etc.)repparttar 145365 convention center staff will be doing their utmost to alleviaterepparttar 145366 situation. Designate one person to be liaison withrepparttar 145367 convention center staff. This person will be responsible for disseminating vital information to your booth staff in a quick and efficient manner and to communicaterepparttar 145368 groupís needs torepparttar 145369 convention center staff.

T: Take action After youíve decided onrepparttar 145370 best solution, and informed all booth staff, it is time to implement your plan. Pro-active, calm teams will carryrepparttar 145371 day.

This process can happen very quickly, especially if your team is prepared beforerepparttar 145372 event. Make sure they know who is in charge at any particularly moment, and what procedure theyíll be expected to follow in case of an emergency. Then youíll be ready for whatever surprises Mother Nature Ė orrepparttar 145373 Sushi Bar Ė can throw your way.

Susan A. Friedmann,CSP, The Tradeshow Coach, author: ďMeeting & Event Planning for Dummies,Ē working with companies to improve their meeting and event success through coaching, consulting and training. For a free copy of ExhibitSmart Tips of the Week, website: http://www.thetradeshowcoach.com

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