3 Ways To Collect Email Addresses From Your Visitors

Written by Joe Reinbold

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An exception to this would be if you are offering them a free gift for subscribing to your list. Then they should be added to your list.

Many will ask - Is it alright to email someone that has requested some free information report from you? My position is yes if you do itrepparttar right way. I followup many times with those that request free reports from us.

In using an autoresponder, you likely will be able to send a number of followups automatically when someone requestsrepparttar 117466 initial information. Set your messages up a couple of days apart but insure that you always make a reference in them about their prior request. For instance, if they requested your free report on free we site resources, startrepparttar 117467 followup messages with something like:

"Hi, several days ago you requested our free report on 'Free Web Site Resources'. I hope you foundrepparttar 117468 information useful. I have enclosed some additional information...."

You can customize it for whatever you are sending and you should change each subsequent message lead-in appropriately so it makes sense. This way you are reminding them that they had initially requestedrepparttar 117469 info and that you are not sendingrepparttar 117470 subsequent message out ofrepparttar 117471 blue.

3. Use Pop-ups

Many marketers feel thatrepparttar 117472 use of pop-ups irritates visitors to their site. Well I agree somewhat with that and I have immediately clicked away from sites and never looked atrepparttar 117473 information I was initially interested in. I have been to some sites where I had to click and close four or five pop-ups and/or pages before I was even able to get torepparttar 117474 main page that I clicked to. And on top of that when I closedrepparttar 117475 site I was hit with three or four exit popups.

So I would never go to that extent at my own site and wouldn't suggest that you do it that way or to that extent.

I have a single small pop-up on many of my pages that offers a free e-book in exchange for a subscription to my ezine. However, this pop-up coding uses a cookie which only allows it to pop-up once in 24 hours for that visitor. So they will see it only once on their visit. When I installed that particular pop-up our subscriptions had a noticeable increase.

Those are three ofrepparttar 117476 most common and probably simplest ways to capture email addresses from your visitors.

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Learn from my mistakes Getting to know your business

Written by Jennifer Whaling

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Then get to know who you are working with they are your best teacher after all they introduced you to this opportunity. Ask them why they joined. What did they do to become successful? What mistakes did they make when they started out? What can they recommend you do?

These things will help you get to know whorepparttar company is that you enrolled with. Then you should get to knowrepparttar 117465 products or services they offer. Pick one to three products or services to memorize each day. What isrepparttar 117466 name? What is beneficial about this product? What isrepparttar 117467 price? How reliable is it?

It is my personal opinion that you really need to know your company and its products or services in order to be really successful. Your growth will naturally come after you are knowledgeable and comfortable withrepparttar 117468 company and it products or services.

Jennifer Whaling A stay at home and work at home mom with a Christian home business. FREE website, FREE training and 100% Risk FREE. Visit www.momswin.com/babycorner for details

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