3 Tips to improve your RSS marketing

Written by Allan Burns

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3. Announce that your RSS feed has been updated.

Every time you add a new item to your RSS feed you can announce it torepparttar world, or at least many ofrepparttar 131515 RSS directories. To do this you need to ping each service. If you are using Blogging software your software is probably already doing this for you , check your documentation.

For those of you who do not have software set up to automatically ping for you there is no need to worry. There is a free service at Ping-o-matic that will do this for you.

Allan is the webmaster at NewsNiche an RSS resource for webmasters. Learn how to use RSS to attract and retain visitors to your site.

RSS Feeds Have Revolutionized the Internet

Written by Gunnar Berglund

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An RSS editor can be used to generate RSS feeds. You can use RSS marketing to distribute your information torepparttar public and be sure it will be treated as important information rather than as Spam. Traffic to your website will increase when you incorporaterepparttar 131513 kind of information your target audience in most interested in.

You can specify your content areas on your RSS feed, and generate return readers by continually providingrepparttar 131514 most up-to-date and applicable information. You can get your product information intorepparttar 131515 hands ofrepparttar 131516 kind of people who invest in RSS technology and who appreciate innovation. An RSS feed allows you to market directly torepparttar 131517 customers you seek, and decreasesrepparttar 131518 aggravation of mass email. Mass email, another form of Spam, is often filtered before your future clients ever have a chance to look into what you have to offer.

RSS feeds provide an opportunity to reach a multitude of people while ensuring thatrepparttar 131519 information you are dispersing is not Spam oriented. Original, fresh content will keep you Internet site interesting and attractive to new and old readers alike. Check into RSS feeds and see how RSS technology has revolutionizedrepparttar 131520 Internet.

Gunnar Berglund has been a "internet- hardworker" for the last five years He publishes The meonit Gazette http://gazette.meonit.com and run www.meonit.com and www.visualxmleditor.com

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