3 Tips To Increase Your Click-Through Rate and Skyrocket Your Sales With Pay Per Click

Written by Kathryn O'Neill

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Here's where you can leave your competition inrepparttar dust and rake inrepparttar 136094 sales: Use emotionally charged words and phrases in your ad copy and people will be falling all over themselves to click on your ad to see what you have to offer.

For example, instead of 'Sweet' why not say 'Mouth-watering' or 'Sumptuous'. Instead of 'How to start your own Internet business' how about 'Travelrepparttar 136095 world while running your business fromrepparttar 136096 luxury of your hotel suite.'

The options are endless and if you look at most ppc ads - you'll easily see areas where you can tower over your competition and make your ad stand out - even if they bid higher than you.

#3 Include a sense of urgency.

Again - this is one feature that is completely ignored by most pay per click marketers.

With competition heating up every day, you need to give people a REASON to click, a little push, a feeling that they're going to miss out on something BIG if they don't click on your ad RIGHT NOW.

There are lots of ways you can do this. If you're advertising something that's on sale why not say, 'Sale ends soon'. Or how about 'Only while supplies last'. People absolutely hate to lose out so when you add urgency to your ad, you'll be skyrocketing your click-through rate and putting people in a rush to buy.

While these 3 tips will dramatically increase your click through rate, hereís one last tip: make sure you deliver exactly what your ad promised whenrepparttar 136097 user clicks through to your website. Youíve put them inrepparttar 136098 frame of mind to at least see what you offer Ė and now itís time to deliver.

By giving them exactly what they expect to see, youíll not only earn their trust and approval, youíll also send your web sales throughrepparttar 136099 roof!

Kathryn O'Neill is chief editor for Pay Per Click Success , a website dedicated to giving you the secrets of success with pay per click advertising.

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6 Reasons Why Using Flash is a BIG Mistake

Written by Leah West

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Make sure you have good relevant content in your website,repparttar morerepparttar 136010 better.

4.Search Engines Donít Like Flash Websites that are done completely in flash, all face one BIG problem. The search engines have nothing to index for your site. In your HTML file you simply have a piece of code that calls uprepparttar 136011 flash file to play. The search engines canít read this file or what is in it so they have no idea how to index your site and just skip right over it.

You must have readable text and content if you ever haverepparttar 136012 hopes of getting inrepparttar 136013 top 10 search results. You will never ever ever get inrepparttar 136014 top rankings with an all flash website. Itís just not going to happen.

5.Flash Headers and Navigation Some websites haverepparttar 136015 header portion of their sites display a cool flash picture or have there navigational buttons done in flash. You can get away with this if you have lots of other good quality content forrepparttar 136016 search engines to read.

If you use a flash based navigation, include links to your other pages withinrepparttar 136017 body of your text as well as text links atrepparttar 136018 bottom ofrepparttar 136019 page. Search engines wonít be able to readrepparttar 136020 flash navigation and wonít know there are any other pages to index if you donít also haverepparttar 136021 text links in place.

6.No Plugin Some internet users donít even haverepparttar 136022 Flash plugin installed on their computer. Some people donít like to download anything fromrepparttar 136023 internet or have never even heard of flash. If they donít haverepparttar 136024 plugin then your site wonít even be visible to them. Even if you put a script up to tell them to go getrepparttar 136025 Flash plugin, most people wonít even bother. This is just another annoying problem to a potential customer.

Now you are armed with proof that using flash in your website is a very stupid thing to do if you want to make any money. If your web designer insists on trying to convince you otherwise, then print out this article and smack him overrepparttar 136026 head with it. If he still wonít listen then find a new designer.

Leah West

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