3 Tips For Writing Content That Will Make You Sales

Written by Michael Cheney, magnet4web.com (c)

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Think about your product or service from a customer's point of view - what arerepparttar real, measurable and provable benefits to them of buying from you? Include these over and over in your content and it will bring more sales for you. Don't be afraid of blowing your own trumpet - stickrepparttar 108113 benefits right onrepparttar 108114 homepage for a start!

Tip 3 - Include Calls To Action - Everywhere!

Excellent - you've written killer content and people are coming back to your website time and again forrepparttar 108115 information. Your traffic figures are shooting throughrepparttar 108116 roof. It's brilliant! You can't believe you've cracked it. And then you look atrepparttar 108117 number of orders placed last week - zero. Oh. What happened there? Better to have one person visiting your site each month who actually places an order or produces a sales lead rather than have 1000 people who do neither.

If you don't have clear benefit-focused calls to action peppered throughout your content people will not get in touch with you or place that all-important order. You hook them in withrepparttar 108118 winning content and then you offer them more information vial email or a free quotation if they phone you - anything! You must have calls to action present throughout your site - combine this withrepparttar 108119 other two tips and you are onrepparttar 108120 way to having content that actually makes you sales.

Michael Cheney Sales & Marketing Director, magnet4web.com

Michael Cheney is the Author of The Website Marketing BibleTM:

"High five Michael! Your bible is superb! The world needs to read it and learn from it." - Jay Conrad Levinson, Author of "Guerrilla Marketing"


Using Emotion for Persuasion

Written by Robert F. Abbott

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Which is whererepparttar emotional factor kicks in. Who wants to be dropped? Isn't that like being in high school again and not wanting to be excluded from a popular group? Isn't there an eternal desire to belong?

With this appeal to my insecurities and ambitions,repparttar 108112 copywriters have forced me to think about my decision not to renew. I can't just make a 'business as usual' decision; it must be a personal as well as business decision. And when a message gets 'personal,' it demands more involvement fromrepparttar 108113 reader or listener. More involvement, in turn, means more attention torepparttar 108114 message, making it more persuasive.

If you sell, this idea won't come as much of a surprise. But, if you try to influence behaviors in other ways, you may wish to add emotion to your communication toolbox. It's something you do by getting 'personal,' by tapping intorepparttar 108115 hopes, fears, or aspirations of those with whom you're communicating.

Of course, we must use emotion ethically and responsibly. If you plan to use it, step back and ask yourself how you would respond if someone else directed that kind of a message to you. That's always a simple but helpful litmus test.

Robert F. Abbott writes and publishes Abbott's Communication Letter. Each week subscribers receive, at no charge, a new communication tip that helps them lead or manage more effectively. Click here for more information: http://site-fuel.com/?abbottr-emotion

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