3 Tips For Giving A Great Gift

Written by Rena D. Robertson

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3. Attention Getting Packaging

Try to find objects that can be used as containers for presenting your gifts. Turn them into gift baskets. Let me give you some examples:

a. Ceramics- Bowls, mugs, tea cup and saucer, plates, trays, planters...

b. Any kind of basket

c. Hats turned upside down

d. Boxes lined with decorative paper onrepparttar inside and out

After deciding on a container, fill it with some sort of tissue paper or shred. Orgainizerepparttar 113171 contents of your basket and use clear or colored gift basket wrap to seal it. Attach ribbon, a bow, maybe a card, flowers, greenery, or candy to it atrepparttar 113172 top. You could even attach an object that ties in torepparttar 113173 theme ofrepparttar 113174 gift.

You know what people really like? It's to know that someone cared enough about them to put some thought into their gift. So, I guess it really isrepparttar 113175 "thought" that counts.

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OakCakes Recipe

Written by Debbie

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works. Traditionallyrepparttar oat cakes were cooked on a `backstone' - a stone or iron sheet over an open fire. It is still possible in some places in Yorkshire to buy a `girdle' a cast iron sheet about 12 in diameter with a hoop handle - these are ideal. When cookedrepparttar 113170 oatcakes where hung on plain wooden rack suspended fromrepparttar 113171 ceiling known as bread fleaks. The oatcakes were eaten either fresh or dried. They can be fried with bacon or suttered and eaten alone with cheese treacle golden syrup etc.

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