3 Tips For Dealing With Dog Emergencies

Written by by Paul J. Buckley

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3. Know what to do about poisoning.

Did you know that certain varieties of toads, salamanders, newts, and other amphibians are poisonous if licked? Hey, guess who loves to hold little woodland critters in his mouth! Your dog. If you notice your pup drooling, whining, and wiping at his mouth after a trip intorepparttar forest, get him to a clean water source and rinse his mouth thoroughly. Whilerepparttar 141374 poison can be fatal if left inrepparttar 141375 mouth, itís fairly easy to cleanse fromrepparttar 141376 tongue and glands.

Now imagine all ofrepparttar 141377 scenarios that can happen to your dog, from fractured limbs to choking and everything in between. Do you really want to risk not knowing how to handle them? You donít have to anymore, since Iíve written Secrets to a Healthy and Happy Pooch to help you learn how to cope with nearly any emergency as well as haverepparttar 141378 basis for handling all ofrepparttar 141379 everyday and lifelong problems and situations youíll face with your dog. From choosing toys to cancer and everything in between, itís all inrepparttar 141380 bookÖ as well as how to createrepparttar 141381 most effective first aid kit and handlerepparttar 141382 most common emergencies. Listen, evenrepparttar 141383 most experienced dog owner needs a little help and advice now and then. Secrets to a Healthy and Happy Pooch is that constant source of help and advice.

Paul J. Buckley-- If you a looking for a an informative book dealing with everything to do with dog health than you can't do better than Secrets to a Happy and Healthy Pooch. We highly recommend it:


Paul Buckley is a professional pilot, internet marketer and devoted dog lover.


Pet Business Ideas

Written by Chrissie Cole

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Pooper Scooping might not sound pretty but itís a viable option. Pooper scooping is one ofrepparttar fast growing trends inrepparttar 141266 past two years. With just a few accounts to attend to weekly you can find yourself making a nice paycheck for you and your pet business.

Pet grooming is yet another popular pet business to start! I know I bring my dog to get groomed every fourth week ofrepparttar 141267 month, imagine if you had just a few regular dog lovers that brought their dog in for grooming sessions!

Many of these pet business ideas can be started right fromrepparttar 141268 comfort of your own home and on a shoe string budget! We suggest before picking your business and jumping in that you first find outrepparttar 141269 laws and regulations in your county and state for such a business. For instance, some states will not allow you to bake dog treats from your own home kitchen. It is important to find out your laws before starting your business to avoid any mishaps later.

To read more pet business ideas and articles, come visit us on Indulge Your Pet.com where we also have pet lover forums where you can interact with other pet lovers and pet business owners!

Chrissie Cole specializes in Pet Business Ideas, starting a dog bakery business and much more! Stop by the IYP pet lover forums and meet fellow pet business owners!

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