3 Things Every Yellow Pages Advertiser Must Know

Written by Alan Saltz

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•3 Things You Need to Know Before You Call An Optometrist!

That’s attention grabbing, compelling, and nearly impossible to NOT read further.

•“I Was So Surprised by How Gentle and Pleasant The Care Is At Optimal Optics. Everything is Explained So I Feel 100% Comfortable With My Care.”

An honest testimonial from a satisfied client is FAR more credible than your ad saying “We’re Gentle” or anything ofrepparttar sort. And again, your readers will be compelled to read more.

2. Most Yellow Page ads are developed byrepparttar 145826 directory publisher.

That's right -repparttar 145827 directory itself develops most ofrepparttar 145828 ads you see. What happens if they design your ad and 4 of your competitors' ads? Can you expect your Yellow Page ad to receive more time and attention than another? Can you expect it to be any better, or stand out more?

When it comes to Yellow Pages advertising, those that know how to set themselves apart fromrepparttar 145829 pack fare well. Differentiation isrepparttar 145830 name ofrepparttar 145831 game. Good design might look professional, but it never stops a prospect in his tracks.

Good ad copy onrepparttar 145832 other hand, grabs attention like a magnet and doesn't let it go.

Don't just handrepparttar 145833 reins to someone else and let them develop your ad for you. Learn what it takes to generate response and play a role in developing that winning ad for your business.

Because no one knows what makes your customers "tick" like you do.

3. Yellow Pages Advertising is different from just about EVERY other medium you use.

You might want to re-read that.

Yellow Pages advertising is different because people see your ad when they are ready to buy.

A newspaper ad? That's a distraction. People are reading to getrepparttar 145834 news. TV spots? Again, commercials disruptrepparttar 145835 intended activity.

The Yellow Pages is virtuallyrepparttar 145836 only place people turn to read ads!

And yet, almost every Yellow Pages ad I see takesrepparttar 145837 approach: "This is who I am and this is what I offer." The ad content is little more than a company name and logo, and what I refer to as a “laundry list” of products or services offered.

Guess what? This is a huge mistake!

They know what you offer. They're looking at your ad because their eye hurts and they know a professional should take a look at it. Focus on "why, with all of these options, they should choose you!"

Your prospects are a skeptical bunch. Make contacting you and giving your business “a shot,” a risk-free, value-filled, proposition for them. Tell them aboutrepparttar 145838 policies you hold yourself to that will make their lives easier. Tell them what you do (or how you do something) that your competitors do not – or - that they forget to mention in their ad.

Done correctly, this will give any business a tremendous edge overrepparttar 145839 competition. Care to learn a little more?

----------- Alan Saltz is the foremost expert on effective Yellow Pages Advertising content. He teaches advertisers how to boost their response and return on investment using simple, but extremely powerful techniques. For unbiased Yellow Pages Advertising advice and "tricks" that any business owner can implement, visit: http://www.YellowPagesProfit.com.

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7 Affiliate Success Steps

Written by Sara Bonnet

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6. Forums. Next step is to join forums or discussion boards. Not only will you learn heaps from them but, you will haverepparttar opportunity to help others too. This is also a really good and discreet way to advertise. You will earn respect and have people coming back for more. When you post in a forum, you are involved in very highly targeted crowd, and when you contact them you leave your information in your signature (including your website address) forrepparttar 145659 world to see. Just be aware that most forums do not allow you to advertise your business. Don’t disregard their policy as you will only get your self booted fromrepparttar 145660 sites for life.

7. Search Engines. You might have noticed that we userepparttar 145661 search engines for a great deal of our work. They would have to be one ofrepparttar 145662 best inventions onrepparttar 145663 internet! Use them…..find your submission sites, forums and places to link your site, find info for your article etc….You will soon notice that your articles are listed inrepparttar 145664 search engines which can only gain you more and more traffic at absolutely no cost.

There are a number of ways to expose your business without spending a dime. Not only are they free but they will give you more targeted traffic then you can possibly handle, if done right. Don’t get me wrong, I am not promising yourepparttar 145665 road to wealth. As I said before I can’t be sure that you will follow these steps correctly. But what I do know is that they actually work, without using them you basically have no hope at making a profit.

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