3 Strange And Twisted Copywriting Tactics!

Written by Larry Dotson

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For example:

You're probably thinking this marketing book is like allrepparttar rest you've wasted your hard earned money on and you'll go on with your business losing sale after sale until your finally have to go out of business.

3. Give your prospects an image of two different paths they can take; one if they order your product and one if they don't.

For example:

Imagine yourself at an intersection and you clearly see two different roads on which you can turn on. One where you can chose not to buy our product and continue to have your problem or one where you can buy our product and eliminate your problem. Which road will you chose?

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5 Specific Questions Your Sales Letter Must Answer to Achieve The Best Results

Written by Joanne L. Mason, www.moneymakingsalesletters.com

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4. Why Should I Trust You?

The best way to establish trust in your sales letters is by using testimonials. A good testimonial isrepparttar written equivalence of a word of mouth referral. Prospects naturally trust what other people say about their experience with you. Get your past customers who have been happy with your business to give you testimonials to use in your sales letter.

5. Will I Be Stuck With Your Product?

Here’s where you can literally sealrepparttar 108169 deal. Reverserepparttar 108170 risk of doing business with you. Always offer a money back guarantee so that people will feel confident that they won’t lose out if your product is not what they expected. When your prospects see that you stand behind your products enough to assumerepparttar 108171 risk they can feel more comfortable in purchasing your products.

When you use these easy tips to answer your prospects questions in your sales letter, not only will you gain an unfair advantage over your competition, but you'll also show your prospect that you care about their problems and your product isrepparttar 108172 solution that they need.

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