3 Steps to Successfully Build a Team in any Program

Written by Frank Bauer

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before.   But what should you tell people duringrepparttar chat or inrepparttar 109342 email message you write to find your two leaders?   This isrepparttar 109343 point where you need to do your homework.  Look very closely atrepparttar 109344 program for which you want to build a successful team for.  Answer yourselfrepparttar 109345 following questions:   1. What isrepparttar 109346 product or service that this program sells? 2. What main benefits doesrepparttar 109347 product or service providerepparttar 109348    customer with? 3. What makesrepparttar 109349 product or service better then those offered    byrepparttar 109350 competition? 4. How much doesrepparttar 109351 product or service cost? 5. How doesrepparttar 109352 products compensation plan work? 6. What is necessary to break even and get into profit?   You noticed that I mentioned everything related to money atrepparttar 109353 end?  Yes, I did orderrepparttar 109354 above list by priority on purpose.   When you answer yourself those questions, keep always in mind to answer to most elementary question everybody has... which is:   What is in it for me? Also often called WIIFM.  Once you learn to answer that question, you will be easily able to find your two leaders.   BTW... there is a shortcut to your homework assignment.  :)   Ask your sponsor to answerrepparttar 109355 six questions above... then check an confirm those answers are accurate and match your own opinion aboutrepparttar 109356 program.  This can save you time and strengthenrepparttar 109357 relationship with your own sponsor as you work with him together to answer them.     Tip: There are millions of programs out there onrepparttar 109358 net and many people, including me, fall easily prey to start joining too many at once. The grass always seems to look greener onrepparttar 109359 other side. ;)   I live now byrepparttar 109360 following rule... Earn with two programs (meaning: be in profit) before you even consider to join one new one. And I recommend that you too do that.   --   Frank Bauer isrepparttar 109361 owner of Add2it.com - Scripts & Services for your Web Business andrepparttar 109362 publisher ofrepparttar 109363 More4you Newsletter. To see how he can help you, visit: http://add2it.com/about.shtml   Reprint rights to this article are granted, as long as it is not modified andrepparttar 109364 resources plus signature remain unchanged.

Frank Bauer is the owner of Add2it.com - Scripts & Services for your Web Business and the publisher of the More4you Newsletter. To see how he can help you, visit: http://add2it.com/about.shtml

All about the new SCMAD Certification Exam

Written by Whizlabs Software

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1.A program that takes a name and prints out "Hello " (testsrepparttar UI API) 2.A simple game or a drawing, likerepparttar 109341 traditional Paddleball game or various geometric shapes moving inrepparttar 109342 screen (testsrepparttar 109343 Game API) 3.A program to read an image off a website and display it onrepparttar 109344 phone (tests networking) 4.A ‘signed' Hello World! Application (tests security) 5.A program that plays a simple tune (tests MMAPI) 6.A program that displays a text message (tests WMA) 7.A program that calculates tip for various pre-defined scenarios (tests RMS)

To understandrepparttar 109345 concepts of J2ME programming, you can readrepparttar 109346 official J2ME tutorial, which is very comprehensive. Some useful books are also listed inrepparttar 109347 resources section.

Most ofrepparttar 109348 questions will be code-based and hence, it is very important that you understand howrepparttar 109349 code is structured for various specifications.

You might want to consider purchasingrepparttar 109350 SCMAD exam simulator by Whizlabs, which contains numerous questions of varying difficulty levels spread across five mock exams and a quiz and also lots of useful tips forrepparttar 109351 exam.

Assuming that you have Whizlabs SCMAD Exam Simulator, {available at http://www.whizlabs.com/articles/scmad-article.html}you can userepparttar 109352 table below as a starting point for developing your preparation timeline.

WeekObjectiveNotes 0Diagnostic ExamGives you a feel of what to expect 1CLDC 1.0/1.1Basics ofrepparttar 109353 VM and its requirements 2Application Lifecycle/ProvisioningBasics of MIPD and its requirements 3-4MIDP UI APIDevelop and deploy Program 1 after this 5NetworkingDevelop and deploy Program 3 after this 6MIDP Persistent StorageDevelop and deploy Program 7 after this 7-8MIDP Game APIDevelop and deploy Program 2 after this 9MMAPIDevelop and deploy Program 5 after this 10WMADevelop and deploy Program 6 after this 11Push RegistrySmall, but complicated, and is related to WMA 11SecurityHelps in packaging applications securely 12JTWIGives an understanding of howrepparttar 109354 technologies are tied together 12Mock ExamsTest your preparation. Revise weaker sections.

Finally, you can take some mock exams to prepare yourself from a certification standpoint.

Tips and pitfalls

·Understandrepparttar 109355 conceptual difference between a J2ME configuration (like CLDC) and a J2ME profile (like MIDP). ·Memorizerepparttar 109356 software and hardware requirements ofrepparttar 109357 various specifications. ·Memorizerepparttar 109358 class hierarchies of important APIs like Generic Connection Framework, High level and low level UI API, Media classes of MIDP 2.0 and MMAPI 1.1. ·The exam testsrepparttar 109359 understanding ofrepparttar 109360 features and differences between low level and high-level API for UI programming. So, learn them well. ·Understand that differences betweenrepparttar 109361 media support of MIDP 2.0 andrepparttar 109362 MMAPI 1.1. ·Apart fromrepparttar 109363 knowledge of writing proper J2ME code,repparttar 109364 exam also testsrepparttar 109365 ability to write valid Java Application Descriptor (JAD) and manifest files that are used to markuprepparttar 109366 deployment details of an application. So, practice writingrepparttar 109367 descriptors well and deployrepparttar 109368 application inrepparttar 109369 toolkit to understandrepparttar 109370 behavior of various deployment tags. ·Remember thatrepparttar 109371 exam is a vendor neutral exam. So, you can safely ignore learningrepparttar 109372 vendor APIs (likerepparttar 109373 APIs provided by Nokia, Sony Ericsson, and so on). ·The best reading material for this exam isrepparttar 109374 specification document. So, allot enough time to go through these documents and learnrepparttar 109375 concepts and API well. ·Make sure what you read is relevant torepparttar 109376 exam objectives. A common pitfall is reading and spending time on things that you may not require forrepparttar 109377 exam. ·As mentioned earlier, try to develop a practical example for each concept as this will help in a better understanding ofrepparttar 109378 concepts.


With a huge customer base and vast popularity, wireless devices are here to stay. Asrepparttar 109379 wireless technology improves and asrepparttar 109380 next generation devices come intorepparttar 109381 market with increased bandwidth,repparttar 109382 demand for interactive and feature-rich wireless applications will greatly increase. Having a know-how of wireless programming will give you a competitive edge and will prepare you forrepparttar 109383 future.


·J2ME tutorial by Sun Microsystems, Inc. ·SCMAD.com provides a comprehensive list of preparatory resources forrepparttar 109384 certification exam. ·Exam notes by Sathya Srinivasan, to get you started onrepparttar 109385 certification


·Whizlabs SCMAD Certification Forum ·SCMAD trail at JavaRanch (You might also want to visitrepparttar 109386 J2MEtrail)


·Wireless Java: Developing with J2ME by Jonathan Knudsen ·Wireless J2ME Platform Programming by Vartan Piroumian ·J2ME: The Complete Reference by James Keogh ·Enterprise J2ME: Developing Mobile Java Applications by Michael Juntao Yuan

Exam Simulators There are many ways to prepare for certification exams, one of them being throughrepparttar 109387 use of exam simulators. With these you cannot just identify your weak areas, but also get a feel ofrepparttar 109388 test environment.

Whizlabs has launched worlds' first-ever SCMAD (J2ME Certification) exam simulator {available at http://www.whizlabs.com/articles/scmad-article.html}that ensures your success inrepparttar 109389 exam with its high-quality mock tests and quick revision tips forrepparttar 109390 exam.

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Whizlabs (www.whizlabs.com), an ISO Certified company, is a leading provider of IT skill assessment and certification exam preparation tools. Whizlabs' suite of offerings include "IT Certification Exam simulators and Instructor-led, Online Trainings" for various exams by Sun, IBM, Oracle, Microsoft, and "IT skill Assessment Management Solution" for Corporations, Training Institutes.

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