3 Steps to Multiply Yourself Across the Web!

Written by Wes Blaylock

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You can run your affiliate program withrepparttar "Little Salesmen Affiliate System" at: http://www.cgitoolbox.com/package.html It will allow you to easily do all ofrepparttar 102552 above!

2) Create an effective promotional strategy

Devise a plan that will bring visitors to your website, and that your affiliates can plug into their marketing as well.

You want to create an effective advertising strategy that will work and produce profits, and that you can duplicate all overrepparttar 102553 net by letting your affiliates use repparttar 102554 same "action plan" as well.

Chooserepparttar 102555 methods that you want to advertise with (banner ads, pay per click ads, etc..), choose how frequently you plan to advertise, perfectrepparttar 102556 system until it produces excellent profits, and then tell your affiliates about it and let them dorepparttar 102557 same thing.

This is a simple process that can really take off and start putting a ton of cash into your pocket!

3) Do an ezine ad blast campaign

Once your affiliate program is all setup and ready to go, you need to generate a good chunk of affiliates to get you going. Your first 200 affiliates will berepparttar 102558 hardest to get, so you will most likely want to advertise repparttar 102559 program by itself to generate a decent sized affiliate base.

Once you have about 200 or so affiliates,repparttar 102560 ones who advertise will start bringing in more affiliates for you through your website (and especially if your affiliate program is 2 tier) and it will begin to snowball!

I suggest picking about 10-20 or more ezines that accept sponsor ads and solo ads and doing an ezine ad blast about your new affiliate program.

Write an ad that tells about your affiliate program and send it out to a bunch of ezines and newsletters to generate a good starting affiliate base.

There are hundreds of thousands of ezines out there with millions of subscribers that you can advertise to. All you have to do, is find them and you're off!

Once you have your affiliate program setup and affiliates start promoting your website, you will definitely see an increase in profits! It is a sure-fire, risk free way to multiply yourself all acrossrepparttar 102561 Internet!

See you atrepparttar 102562 bank, Wes Blaylock

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Start BASIC and Avoid 'The Gash'

Written by Joe Bingham

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Sensing my ploy, however, 'The Gash' moved torepparttar side and reached out for me in mid-air. For a moment, I thought it was all over. Surely this would berepparttar 102551 end, but then caught me. He actually caught me. For a moment, I thought maybe 'The Gash' wasn't all bad. Maybe he didn't really have it in for me. Perhaps he just wanted me to realize that I could jump intorepparttar 102552 water and nothing would happen to me.

Suddenly, however, I was dunked underwater. My eyes burned and my heart raced as I saw bubbles flowing inrepparttar 102553 water all around me. Then, in that terrible moment, there it was.

Kicking back and forth in front of me wasrepparttar 102554 hideous scar on 'The Gash's' leg. My mind blurred as thoughts ran through it. Is this why he was holding me under for so long? Was I to berepparttar 102555 next to have a piece of my body violently removed? Was I to become one andrepparttar 102556 same as 'The Gash'? Had he chosen me as some sort of sacrifice to appease that which had previously taken a chunk out of him?! In a panic, I searched frantically around me for sharks, sea snakes, and monsters.

Was this it? Was thisrepparttar 102557 end? What horror that moment held!

Then, all at once, I was whisked up out ofrepparttar 102558 water and plopped onrepparttar 102559 side ofrepparttar 102560 pool along withrepparttar 102561 other kids. 'The Gash' then looked directly at me and spoke.

"I told you everyone was going under today," he laughed maniacally and turned away.

I've never seen 'The Gash' since, nor have I ever learned to swim.

Why? Because I was pushed too fast into swimming andrepparttar 102562 whole thing became a bad experience for me causing my subconscious mind to make me lose all interest in getting down inrepparttar 102563 water.

As we start into an online business, we expect to be where we want in an instant because that's what we've been toldrepparttar 102564 Internet can provide. However, as with anything, it takes time, experience, and work to accomplish.

If you jump offrepparttar 102565 high dive too soon, I guarantee 'The Gash' will be waiting for you inrepparttar 102566 water to pull you under.

You can succeed onrepparttar 102567 Internet. There is money to be made. However, you must start BASIC and WORK your way up. Learn first. Developrepparttar 102568 resources, tools, and systems you need. Take your time and set realistic goals based off a business plan.

Then, when you do meet up with 'The Gash', you can swim circles around him, perform an underwater ballet show where you pull down his swim trunks, tie them in a knot, and load them with snapping turtles.

Hey, that would make my day anyway.


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