3 Steps To Increasing Your Web traffic for Free

Written by Richard Martin

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Third, Use a blog and write about topics related to your site. Put a static link to your site inrepparttar left hand column. Blogger is free and owned by Google. If you provide good content and update continually, it won't be long beforerepparttar 119334 search engines spider your entire site they'll be following it fromrepparttar 119335 blog. Make sure and pingrepparttar 119336 blog to different search engines to hurry them along inrepparttar 119337 process.

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Getting Hundreds of Links to Your Website

Written by Rick Hendershot

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Level 2 - Self-Generated Multi-Links The second category consists of "multi-links" that you generate yourself. You do this by seeding your articles, forum posts, blog entries and so on, aroundrepparttar web. Many ofrepparttar 119333 strategies used to create these links are discussed inrepparttar 119334 "Power Linking" section ofrepparttar 119335 Linknet Marketing Resource Library, mentioned above.

Level 3 - High Value Links The third and most valuable category consists of "High Value Links" on sites that you specifically target. These include high traffic sites in your area of interest, highly rated directories, and sites where you can get a number of quality links all at once. In some cases these links will bring you lots of traffic. In other cases they will enhance your PR and Search Engine ranking. You need both kinds.

As I mention in other posts, there are a range of strategies to get these "Level 3" links. For instance,

- Write glowing testimonials. Target 10 or 20 high traffic sites in your area of interest, and send your testimonial torepparttar 119336 webmaster. Usually they can't resist publishing it where everybody will see it.

- Write positive reviews of sites and/or posts. Target 10 or 20 high traffic products/sites. Postrepparttar 119337 reviews on your site or in your blog, and make sure to send a copy torepparttar 119338 reviewee. Again, most webmasters or online entrepreneurs are hungry for this kind of exposure. You might even create a "review" section on your site to show you are serious.

Butrepparttar 119339 fastest, most direct, and least painful strategy is to find link partners who will either sell or trade text ads on a number of high value pages. For example, at Linknet we do both of these things (selling and trading multiple links).

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Rick Hendershot is a marketing consultant, writer, and internet publisher who lives in Conestogo, Ontario, Canada. He publishes several websites and blogs, Marketing Bites, SuperCharge Your Website with Powerful Linking Strategies, and many more.

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