3 Secrets to Effective Ezines

Written by Patsi Krakoff, Psy. D.

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Give clear instructions as to how they can learn more through clicking through to your products page or by calling you. Always remember to tell people what they should do. Here are a few examples:

Respond by clickingrepparttar reply button on this email. Call me at this number: xxx-xxx-xxxx before Friday Click here to get a free report, e-book, special report Tell me what you think, hitrepparttar 126396 reply to email button. (Spell it out!) To forward this ezine to a friend, click here. Invite a friend to subscribe by clicking here. Getrepparttar 126397 number to my free telecourse: just ask by reply email.

Making Ezines Easy

There are a number of e-books and e-course online that can help you get started. Never forget, quality content that delivers value to your readers isrepparttar 126398 most important way to build a subscriber list of loyal readers that will want to buy services and products from you.

Learn how to do your ezines well. It is well worthrepparttar 126399 time and effort. Ezine writing and publishing gets easier each time you do it. Start small and grow, grow, grow. Before long you will have a reader base that is loyal, trusting, and willing to buy from you.

If you need help, get help.


Patsi Krakoff, Psy. D., is a writer, & publisher of coach ezines. For Secrets of Successful Coach Ezines, email patsi@customizednewsletters.com. Subscribe to BizBook Nuggets by blank email to dr.patsi-57738@autocontactor.com and Newsletter Nuggets by emailing dr.patsi-45475@autocontactor.com.

Visit http://coachezines.typepad.com/coachezinesblog/.

Or, visit www.customizednewsletters.com to see how Customized Newsletter Services can provide quality content and ezine formatting.

Why Every Site Needs RSS

Written by Andrew J. Morris

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Or you might want to try these programs to format your information, so you can post it to your website:

ListGarden RSS Feed Generator Program Windows, Mac OS X, or Linux, open source http://www.softwaregarden.com/products/listgarden/index.html

RSS Headliner Create RSS Feed file on-line to copy and post to your site. http://www.webdevtips.com/webdevtips/codegen/rss.shtml

But what if you don't often make changes or additions to your site? There is a new site that offers a solution to that problem. Shared RSS provides feed by TOPIC rather than publisher. So you simply post your message inrepparttar appropriate topic category (there are thousands to choose from) and share your feed with others publishing onrepparttar 126395 same topic. It is a free service that you certainly should use if you do not publish your own feed.


Wouldn't that mean (I can hear someone object) that I would be sharing a feed with my competition? Well yes, but that isn't a bad thing. It's like all those antique stores that congregate inrepparttar 126396 same part of town -- shoppers flock there and wander store to store, torepparttar 126397 benefit of all.

Don't kid yourself, customers already know about your competition. For every customer of yours who visits their sites because they found an RSS link on your site, you will receive one, two or three visits from potential customers who found your information on an RSS link they discovered on your competitors site, or in a catalog of RSS feeds. The benefit far outweighsrepparttar 126398 risk.

And RSS feeds are not just for business. If other sites submit torepparttar 126399 shared feed they will bring with them more people interested in that topic, who may become your future customers.

No, RSS is not just for Blogs anymore! Start your own or submit to a shared feed, either way you can only benefit.

Andrew J. Morris is the owner and creator of SharedRSS -- a website that allows all website owners to syndicate their newly added material for FREE. http://www.sharedrss.com/

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