3 Secrets Your Diet Book Won't Tell You

Written by Amy S. Grant

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Finally, diets are lying to you when they say you must be “patient” and expect to lose only one to two pounds per week. For someone like me, who had fifty pounds to lose, this information was devastating. If you have a lot of weight to lose (50 pounds or more), it is not unhealthy to drop three to five pounds per week, particularly inrepparttar beginning. In my experience,repparttar 139570 greatest motivator is early results. When you can seerepparttar 139571 fruit of your efforts, you are much more likely to press onward whenrepparttar 139572 going gets tough. Early results can help you maintain focus and keep your determination alive. An excellent all-natural supplement such as NiteTrim (www.NiteTrimDirect.com) can jump-start your results from other weight-loss efforts. Supplements such as NiteTrim can also help you break throughrepparttar 139573 dreaded "plateaus."

Once I discovered these three secrets, I realized thatrepparttar 139574 best way to get in shape and maintain a healthy body is through proper nutrition, regular exercise and appropriate supplementation. By farrepparttar 139575 best program I’ve found is a combination of Bill Phillips’ Body for LIFE (www.BodyForLife.com) and NiteTrim (www.NiteTrimDirect.com). Bill Phillips has truly made nutrition simple, effective, and easy to follow. Additionally,repparttar 139576 Body for LIFE book provides step-by-step exercise and fitness guidance suitable for anyone, regardless of experience or current fitness level. NiteTrim is an all-natural supplement that effectively burns fat, andrepparttar 139577 company offers a 30-day free trial supply, as well as a money-back guarantee at www.NiteTrimDirect.com


Reducing Sugar in the Diet

Written by Brian D. Johnston

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Sugar Substitute Sweeteners

Nutritive Sweeteners

Fructose – Found in fruits, honey, and some sweet vegetables. Fuctose absorbs more slowly inrepparttar GI tract than glucose and metabolizes directly inrepparttar 139501 liver independent of insulin. Large intakes of 70+ grams per day can cause diarrhea.

Sorbitol – A sugar alcohol found mainly in plants and used in confectioneries (candy), gum, toothpaste, and diabetic desserts. After absorption, sorbitol oxidizes into fructose. Sorbitol results in a slower, less pronounced rise in blood glucose than sugar. More than 10 grams per day may result in diarrhea.

Xylitol – A compound derived from wood sugar. It causesrepparttar 139502 least harm to teeth of all nutritive sweeteners. Does not increase blood glucose levels. Intake of more than 30 grams per day may result in diarrhea. Also, it may be associated with bladder stones and tumors.

Artificial Sweeteners

Acesulfame K – A synthetic sweetener that is very stable in heat. Marketed as Sweet One, Sunette, or Sun Sweet Tabletop.

Aspartame – Best known as NutraSweet, it is found mainly in soft drinks, gums, pudding mixes, and other foods. It consists of amino acids that break down inrepparttar 139503 GI tract, then it absorbs and metabolizes. It has a very low nutrient and caloric value.

Saccharin – Better known as Sweet’n Low, Nutra-diet, and Sugar Twin, Saccharin is used primarily in soft drinks and canned fruit. It neither metabolizes or stores inrepparttar 139504 body, but excretes inrepparttar 139505 urine. Saccharin has a bitter aftertaste, is low in kcalories, and may be a possible carcinogen.

Sucralose – Available only in Canada to date. It contains no kcalories and is derived from sugar. It is used in cooking and baking.

Brian D. Johnston is the Director of Education and President of the I.A.R.T. fitness certification and education institute. He has written over 12 books and is a contributor author to the Merck Medical Manual. An international lecturer, Mr. Johnston wears many hats in the fitness and health industries, and can be reached at info@ExerciseCertification.com. Visit his site at www.ExerciseCertification.com for more free articles.

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