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Don't makerepparttar mistake that everyone will totally understand your web site message. Your web site should contain a short, descriptive summary atrepparttar 132054 top of your home page.

You should always repeat your main selling points at least three times, so people understand them. Use short words, sentences, paragraphs and plenty of examples to get your point across.


1) Don't load your web site full of high-tech clutter and gadgets.

2) Don't use unnecessary words or phrases on your site.

3) Don't makerepparttar 132055 mistake that everyone will totally understand your web site message.

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Creating Sites That Work For You

Written by James T Kendall

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They Get Noticed

Nothing else really matters if nobody ever sees your site. Thankfully if you have a site with a good interface and good, timely, content you can build an audience for it.

Unless you are a Big Corporation with thousands to spend on advertising,repparttar first step is to get your site listed inrepparttar 132053 largest search engines and directories. This sounds simple, but doing it correctly takes quite a bit of info and time. First of all, you have to knowrepparttar 132054 difference between a search engine and a directory.

A search engine has a database of web pages - a user visits it, asks it a question and it returns relative web pages. AltaVista is an example. A directory is a categorized collection of web sites - a user visits and chooses a category they are interested in and "drills down" to find what they are looking for. Yahoo! isrepparttar 132055 best known directory.

Many search sites blendrepparttar 132056 line between search engines and directories, but when promoting a site, you need to treat them a little differently. With search engines, you don't stop with your index page. Make sure every single page of your web site gets indexed by allrepparttar 132057 large search engines. With directoriesrepparttar 132058 most important thing is to make sure your site is listed inrepparttar 132059 correct category.

We believe thatrepparttar 132060 most important place to be listed is in Yahoo! Next we suggest getting all your pages listed inrepparttar 132061 Inktomi database that handlesrepparttar 132062 spill over search results for Yahoo! and also powers HotBot, Direct Hit, Canada, Anzwers, and others. Finally we suggest getting all pages listed in The Open Directory Project, AltaVista, Infoseek, Lycos, Excite in that order and then concentrating onrepparttar 132063 smaller search engines.

While these tips will not by themselves guarantee you a successful web site, they will point you inrepparttar 132064 right direction. Take an hour and surfrepparttar 132065 web checking out web sites that work - do they employ these three principals? Does your web site?

James T Kendall is the Chairman and CEO of eWeb-Corp. He puts these promotional principles into practice for TurboPromo - http://www.turbopromo.com

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