3 Reasons to Work From Home

Written by Benjamin Scott

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The third reason to work at home can be found at home. Why do you rush home from your current job? Do you have a family you love and cannot wait to see? Do you have people in your life you want to spend more time with? Maybe you simply have a dog to walk and wish you could spend more quality time with Fido. Whatever you rush home for, that reason is reason enough to work from home. You can physically be inrepparttar place your heart has been at all day long. You can spend time with your family. You can witness first steps, soccer games, ballet practices, and art projects. You don't have to regretrepparttar 148743 things you miss if you work from home, because your office is whererepparttar 148744 action is. You choose when you need to work and when your family needs to take precedence. Only for those who work at home is such freedom a reality. Combined, these three reasons present irrefutable evidence thatrepparttar 148745 opportunities associated with working from home cannot and should not be passed up.

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VoIP Service Provider A vs. VoIP Service Provider B

Written by Gobala Krishnan

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Making unlimited calls to regular phones, though, is an entirely different ball game. Not everyone can offer you this. Vonage for example, can offer you unlimited calls in their business package, to US only. For unlimited calling to Asian countries,repparttar only company I know of that can do this is TelExtreme. Here's a complete "VoIP A vs. VoIP B" type of comparison chart if you really need it: http://www.mybusinessvoip.com/compare

3) Quality - who ownsrepparttar 148742 technology?

I am not an advocate of buying fromrepparttar 148743 company that everyone is buying from. You know, companies like Vonage and AT&T CallVantage. I'm not an advocate of "followingrepparttar 148744 crowd", but in some cases,repparttar 148745 crowd may have a point.

Most ofrepparttar 148746 smaller VoIP providers don't ownrepparttar 148747 technology. Why should they, when they can getrepparttar 148748 whole deal at wholesale, and all they need to do is put their brand on it? This works forrepparttar 148749 short term. Forrepparttar 148750 long term, however, such companies have no way of ensuringrepparttar 148751 stability or quality of their service.

Bottom line - find out ifrepparttar 148752 VoIP service provider owns any, or all, ofrepparttar 148753 technology behindrepparttar 148754 service they provide. A "cut and paste" company comprising of different ATA manufacturers, different call routers and different gateway providers may not survive in a few years whenrepparttar 148755 VoIP industry matures. You can count on that!

4) What’s in store forrepparttar 148756 future?

In plain words, why spend on a VoIP provider that is limited to just making calls, especially when many of them already have video and data applications inrepparttar 148757 works? Packet8 already has their own video & voice over IP plan, and many others will follow suit. “Triple Play” as it is called, will soon be available, so make sure that your VoIP service provider has this in store for you. More importantly, it should be available at little or no extra cost.

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