3 Proven Ways to Make Your Party Make You the Talk of the Town Everyday

Written by Mrs. Party... Gail Leino

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3. Lasting Memory Now think about this,repparttar last time you or your child went to a party what do you remember about it? Where was it? What food was served? What wasrepparttar 110070 party favor? Where isrepparttar 110071 party favor? I recently had a brunch. Atrepparttar 110072 party, we had nameplates (picture frames) that doubled as party favors. Duringrepparttar 110073 party, I had my sister take a photo of each guest with my kids. You guessed it ... we sent out thank you notes to each guest withrepparttar 110074 photo forrepparttar 110075 frame. 

As you surely already know, your organization is a must have key to your successful party. I don't care what you do - not being organized is suicidal. And remember, if you want your event to berepparttar 110076 talk ofrepparttar 110077 town take advantage of that Kodak moment.

Mrs. Party... Gail Leino is the internet's leading authority on giving the best possible party, using proper etiquette and manners while also teaching organizational skills and fun facts.

Artist Sananda Maitreya Becomes The First Major Artist To Fully Embrace File Sharing With His Own Branded P2P File Sharing Software

Written by Marc Freedman

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RazorPop’s TrustyFiles isrepparttar industry’s leading multiple P2P network software. TrustyFiles searches and download hundreds of millions of files from TrustyFiles, Kazaa, Grokster, Morpheus, Limewire, Bearshare, Shareaza, and other Fast Track, Gnutella, Gnutella2 and Bit Torrent network users.

TrustyFiles software is designed forrepparttar 110069 user. It’s easy to use, free, and has no spyware and no bundled software. TrustyFiles developedrepparttar 110070 top performing P2P network engine forrepparttar 110071 fastest and most search results. Security features include a blocklist to protect from invasive users and virus scanning support to block infected files.


Rock artist Sananda Maitreya’s music has found broad worldwide acceptance across musical boundaries and among all age groups. In April 2001 he made his new album "WildCard" completely FREE to download from his website for several months. From 2002 to June 2003repparttar 110072 CD "WildCard - The Jokers' Edition" was gradually released all overrepparttar 110073 world to much acclaim and is also available now through his online store. His singles "O Divina" and "Sayin' about you" were very successful in Europe and Japan.

Sananda Maitreya toured for almost 2 years, fromrepparttar 110074 end of September 2001 untilrepparttar 110075 end of August 2003, mainly in Europe plus a small tour inrepparttar 110076 USA and Asia.

Sananda is busy recording his new project "Angels & Vampires". He releasesrepparttar 110077 songs in Chapters as soon he finishes recording them, so his fans can directly listen. The new music is a fusion of allrepparttar 110078 music he has been incubating for most of his life, especially duringrepparttar 110079 past several 'silent' years.

"Angels & Vampires" is Sananda's 6th project afterrepparttar 110080 release of: * 2002/2003 "WildCard -The Jokers' Edition" * 1995 "Vibrator" * 1993 "Symphony Or Damn" * 1989 "Neither Fish Nor Flesh" * 1987 "Introducing The Hardline According To"

See his website for more information: http://www.SanandaMaitreya.com


RazorPop (http://RazorPop.com) is an Internet marketing, technology, and entertainment company. RazorPop develops innovative software, services, and networks for digital entertainment consumers and businesses that want to reach them. RazorPop's primary product is TrustyFiles Personal File Sharing software (http://www.TrustyFiles.com),repparttar 110081 leading multi-network product with Kazaa, Gnutella, Gnutella2, and Bit Torrent access, as well as personal, private, and public file sharing. RazorPop was founded in January 2001 by visionary Marc Freedman and is based in Dallas, Texas.

Other RazorPop properties include: * DiaRIAA (http://DiaRIAA.com). Get digital entertainment and file sharing news, protect your privacy, & explore 1000s of digital music and P2P links * TopP2P (http://www.TopP2P.com). Find top P2P file sharing video, music, software, games, and more.

RazorPop is a member ofrepparttar 110082 Distributed Computing Industry Association (DCIA). The DCIA (http://www.dcia.info) advancesrepparttar 110083 adoption of distributed computing technologies andrepparttar 110084 commercial development of business models based on them.


Founder and CEO of RazorPop.

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