3 Proven Ways To Build Your Opt-In List

Written by Chris Coffman

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When you article is published by an e-zine, you'll have thousands of responsive readers viewing your article and resource box. If you're free offer is a product that many people will be interested in receiving, you'll notice a large spike in new subscribers each time your article is published.

One ofrepparttar fastest ways to get your articles noticed is through an automated service.

3. Pay Per Click Landing Pages

Google AdWords allows anyone to generate almost instant traffic to their website 24 hours a day. By tapping into this powerful avenue, you can pick up new subscribers for a little as .05 a click.

The secret to success with PPC advertising is to create a landing page. Landing pages are one page websites that offer a freebie(s) in exchange forrepparttar 146917 visitors e-mail address. When a visitor clicks on a PPC ad, they are directed to a landing page. They can either leave or provide their contact information. It all depends on your offer. If you can create enough interest in your offer through your copy, your landing page will become an e-mail vacuum.

You've just read three powerful list building techniques. By using one or all of them, you can expect to see substantial gains inrepparttar 146918 number of people subscribed to your mailing list. And before too long, you'll also be "bragging" about your guru sized opt-in list.

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10 Blazing Ways To Get More New Ezine Subscribers

Written by Ken Hill

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6. Write articles.

You'll be able get more targeted traffic, increase your search engine rankings, and get more new readers that purchase from you on a regular basis.

7. Promote your ezine in your signature file.

Use your signature file in all your day to day emails and also in your posts to discussion lists and forums that you're a member of.

8. Offer a bonus.

For example, you could offer a free ebook, resource, or report along with your reader's subscription.

9. Ask your readers to forward your issues.

You'll gain excellent "word of mouth" advertising as your subscribers forward your issues to their friends, associates, and colleagues.

10. Submit to ezine directories.

Submit to as many of these directories as you can, and when possible, post your link to your archive or sample issue to maximizerepparttar number of new subscribers you get from your submissions.

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