3 Positive Steps for Destroying Fear, Building Confidence & Big Profits!

Written by Doug West

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3) Praise Others!

It is easy to tell everyone what they are doing wrong. Seems like that is what most folks concentrate on these days. We are all imperfect, and you would never run out of material. However, try to encourage others by expressing thanks for what they do right. It will go a long way toward forming lasting relationships with people.

When something does not go right, don't be so quick to complain. Here is an actual email we received from someone. Keep in mind that this isrepparttar first time we had heard from this person. What would be your thoughts on them as an individual?

"tried to call at 7:30 CST, which isrepparttar 117184 same as 7:30 MDT isn't it? Any wayrepparttar 117185 line was dead. tried 3 times past 7:30 before and past MDT. Dead. carelessness irresponsibiltiy is teh name ofrepparttar 117186 game. Screw somew over some how. hello arrogance"

(Misspellings and grammar mistakes as received)

Turns out that this person tried to call in on one of our conference calls, but mistakenly thought that Mountain Time wasrepparttar 117187 same as Central time. No biggie, an easy mistake to make. However, do you see how this accusatory and negative email was going to benefit anyone? Would it make you want to do business with them? We received several other emails from them - all were negative. It's easy to see that this is a miserable person who has a habit of tearing down others.

Don't let yourself fall into that pattern! Once you're stuck in it, things can really get bad and ugly. Focus on praise for things done right and you will win friends and influence folks to do even more for you!

Many timesrepparttar 117188 negative person as mentioned above will complain because they don't understand something. Again, take some time to learn. Once you learn new things, you life will become even more exciting for you. You won't get stagnant and defensive with every little thing that goes wrong. In fact, fewer things will go wrong for you because you have done your homework. You will still have to deal with inactive negative people,repparttar 117189 world is FULL of such ones - But you won't be one of them!

So there you have it,repparttar 117190 big 3 confidence and biz builders - take action, stay positive, and praise others. Why not start today?

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Focus on Success Ė How to make affiliates work for YOU!

Written by Andrew Williamson

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b)People will trust your proven judgement and follow your leads

c)Youíll have a ton of energy to put into marketing your selective affiliates and THAT my friend is what will make you ultimately a success.

If you go wide fast, you lose momentum, if you spread yourself thin you lose direction and credibility.

You see, itís not which affiliate you ultimately choose that will bring inrepparttar rewards, it is how successfully you can promote and market that affiliate to your customers that will bring inrepparttar 117183 financial reward that you so richly deserve.

Think about it. It makes A LOT of sense.

Find your focal point! Find your affiliate programs! Becomerepparttar 117184 specialist! And driverepparttar 117185 best-targeted prospects possible to your affiliates!

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