3 Magical Steps For Creating A Profitably Potent Affiliate Program

Written by Grady Smith

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If your sales letter converts visitors like crazy, tell them. If you split profits downrepparttar middle and share 50% of each sale withrepparttar 102521 referring affiliate, let them know.

Tell them about contests you run and tools you offer to make it easy. Put your offer into focus for potential affiliates. If you have a high priced product, you could say something like, “This sales letter converts 1 out of every 50 visits. And withrepparttar 102522 product going for $297, and you getting half of that for each sale, 100 visitors sent from your site can put $297 in your pocket.”

5) Get The Word Out. Place a link on your sales page that sends those clicking to a full-page sales letter detailing allrepparttar 102523 benefits of offering your product to their visitors.

Promote your affiliate program instead ofrepparttar 102524 product. There’s hundreds of ezines in existence that cater to those promoting affiliate programs. Take out an ad and tell them why they want to be an affiliate for you.

Check out keywords online that target your audience and get in touch withrepparttar 102525 webmasters. Tell them about your programs benefits and give themrepparttar 102526 opportunity to sign up.

Affiliate programs, once in place, can bring you automatic, low cost traffic for years to come. Takerepparttar 102527 time to set yours up right, and reaprepparttar 102528 rewards for years to come.

Grady Smith can double, even triple your profits fast and at an affordable price. If you need a sales letter, auto responders, or classified ad that’s guaranteed, follow the link: http://www.cheap-copy.com. And be sure to sign up for Grady’s FREE ezine “Ad Copy Tips”.

12 Guidelines for Success

Written by Holly Cotter

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If you are serious about making your business a success, you can only afford to spend your time with serious, committed people like yourself...the rest of your time should be spent on income-producing activities.

How do you know if a person is someone you should work with?

- Are they keeping in touch with you?

- Are they progressing in their knowledge ofrepparttar business?

- Are they becoming more able to independently work their business?

- Are they making calls to prospects?

- Are they calling you for 3-ways?

- Are they participating in company prospecting calls?

- Are they attending training calls?

It's possible for a dud to turn into a star...butrepparttar 102520 responsibility is THEIRS, not yours. Don't try to make them change...we married folks can tell you, that never works.

9. DON'T make excuses.

Success is up to you...whether or not you takerepparttar 102521 ACTIONS necessary to succeed. Don't blame anyone, anything, or any circumstance for your failure or success. It's not a problem withrepparttar 102522 payplan, your sponsor, your product, orrepparttar 102523 marketing system. If there's a problem, you need to take a look at yourself...at what you are and aren't doing.

The good news is...if there IS a problem, it can easily be fixed just by taking an honest look at yourself and making adjustments where necessary. And, when you do succeed, again there is only one person responsible...YOU!

10. CELEBRATE success.

When you reach a goal...celebrate! Take yourself to dinner, go to a movie, allow yourself to spend one evening watching TV...whatever floats your boat.

And, each time someone you have sponsored signs up a new person, be sure to congratulate them...kudos go a long way, baby.

11. When you reach a goal, it's time to work towardrepparttar 102524 NEXT goal.

Once you attain a goal, don't sit back and relax. NOW'srepparttar 102525 time to start working toward that next goal.

Until your business has reached "critical mass" (the point at which it continues to grow with or without you), it is IMPERATIVE you continue to work your business. This is important if you want to solidify your newfound success.

12. BELIEVE in your opportunity and inrepparttar 102526 Network Marketing industry.

Network Marketing is a respectable and profitable industry that has been around for 50+ years. And, it has produced thousands of people who have become multi-millionaires working from home. Even more exciting is that EVERYONE -- regardless of age, experience, or education -- hasrepparttar 102527 SAME chances to succeed. With Network Marketing, success is based on YOUR efforts...period.

Know in your heart that you ARE inrepparttar 102528 right opportunity... an opportunity with a unique product and a great payplan. Don't let doubt creep in...don't waver in your commitment, or allow yourself to wonder if you maderepparttar 102529 right decision. Once you are aligned with a solid opportunity,repparttar 102530 ONLY way to fail in network marketing is to quit before your organization has become fully stabilized.

Inrepparttar 102531 past, anyone who stuck it out in Network Marketing for about 10 years ended up making a fortune. That has changed...forrepparttar 102532 BETTER!

With companies competing for representatives,repparttar 102533 payplans have become more lucrative. Now you only have to stick it out for 4-5 years to build an enormous income that will last a lifetime.

There are people right now in YOUR company who are experiencing huge successes and earning huge incomes. If you continue to commit to building your business, you will be one of them soon.

Holly specializes in teaching others how to build multiple streams of income on the internet using automation. http://www.AbundantLivingOnline.com Subscribe to Holly's popular ezine: mailto:abundantlivingonline@igpronet.com Sign up for Holly's FREE wealth-building eCourse: mailto:SecretsReport@mailriches.com

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