3 Magic Words that Boost Ad Response

Written by Will Dylan

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“Guaranteed” – Customers appreciaterepparttar safety and security that comes with a satisfaction guarantee. All reputable retailers and businesses have some type of return policy, because they know that it will encourage customers to buy, and only a small fraction of people ever bother to return anything.

They key to guarantees is to be reasonable. A 100% money back guarantee is reasonable. So is an exchange policy or warranty against defects. Some ofrepparttar 100939 more recent guarantees that have emerged in advertising, especially onrepparttar 100940 Internet, are actually a turn off to a potential customer. A “double your money back guarantee” usually makes customers wary ofrepparttar 100941 seller. Why 200%? Is that what it takes to generate a sale, and if so, how good can this product or service really be? When it comes to guarantees, mirror those offered byrepparttar 100942 industry leaders in your business, and don’t go too far.

“Limited Time Offer” – If you’re going to offer your customers something for a “limited time” then follow through on your promise. Customers don’t appreciate being lied to. If you state that your special offer expires tomorrow, then follow through on your promise and rescind your offer tomorrow, even if its only temporarily. When a business consistently offers “limited time” deals week after week, customers lose faith inrepparttar 100943 credibility ofrepparttar 100944 business. Anyone who jumped on your offer believing that they only had a “limited time” to take advantage of it will now feel that you were not honest in your advertising and will not likely give you additional business inrepparttar 100945 future.

“Free”, “Guaranteed”, and “Limited Time Offer” are great tools to use in your advertising to get attention and stimulate purchases. However, overuse and abuse of these terms can be very harmful to your reputation and to your future revenue stream.

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How To Get Insane 70%-100% Banner Click-Throughs!

Written by Sen Ze

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5. If You Have More Than One Banner To Display: ======================================================== Insert a javascript that rotates your banners withinrepparttar table with a new banner appearing every time a new page is loaded.

6. Now Fill Up The Other Rows With... ======================================================== ...links to your other web pages on your site! You'll need to divide these rows into several columns to accommodaterepparttar 100938 number of links to your other pages. The more web pages you have,repparttar 100939 more rows and columns you'll need.

7. Then Place This Table At The BOTTOM Of Each Of Your Web Pages! ======================================================== By doing this, your visitors will first and foremost see your content, before arriving atrepparttar 100940 navigational table that containsrepparttar 100941 banner.

Putting it atrepparttar 100942 top of your page doesn't make senze as we've established that he'll likely not click on it in that position. Therefore your mission is to interest him immediately with your content so that he'll want to navigate your site further, subscribe to your e-zine or otherwise "warm up" to your site.

And once he's interested, and since he cannot otherwise navigate around your web site without clicking on your table containing links torepparttar 100943 other pages on your site, he'll have to look at your table of links containingrepparttar 100944 banner - withrepparttar 100945 banner staring straight at him!

This will increase your banner click-throughs simply because it's a novel way of displaying banners, and he's now looking at your banner when previously he's been ignoring it.

In addition, becauserepparttar 100946 banner is in close proximity withrepparttar 100947 links, you'll also get some "accidental" clicks!

See exactly how this is done on my site at http://www.senze.com right now! (Note: I'm not putting up banners for products that I'm an Associate of because that is notrepparttar 100948 business model for my site. However,repparttar 100949 principle isrepparttar 100950 same.)

=============================== HOW TO GET ALMOST 100% CLICKS ON YOUR BANNERS! =====================================================

The above technique on its own will increase your banner clicks many times over.

However, if you want to get almost ALL of your visitors to click on your banners, takerepparttar 100951 following extra steps:

1. Re-Design The Banners Given To You! ====================================== Don't just put up banners given to you byrepparttar 100952 Associate Program owner - because they all look like banners! You'll need to create your own banners using your own words and make it blend withinrepparttar 100953 color and theme of your site.

Ifrepparttar 100954 color of your web site background is white, designrepparttar 100955 banner in white. Don't even put a border around it!

Your mission is to make your banners not look like a banner. Simple enough?

(Actually, a better solution is to dumprepparttar 100956 banner graphic and simply put up a text link - but since we're discussing how to increase banner clicks, we're not going to do that.)

2. Dump The Animation! ============================ Animation is used by banner artists to draw attention to them. However, they are synonymous with banners, and where they used to work, they don't work now because animation screams advertising.

Make your banners as plain as you can, as if it's a link to another area of your site - which isrepparttar 100957 reason why their background color should berepparttar 100958 same asrepparttar 100959 background color of your web site. Just don't make it look and sound like banners normally do, and you've won halfrepparttar 100960 battle already even at this stage!

(Note:repparttar 100961 banner on my site is animated, but I can afford to do this because I'm selling a free subscription to my e-zine - which forms my overall site inrepparttar 100962 first place. This reason overrides repparttar 100963 "disadvantage" of animating my banners - but if you're

placing your Principal's banner - make sure it's not animated forrepparttar 100964 reason discussed here.)

==================== THE REFRESHINGLY SPECTACULAR END RESULT ============================================== You'll get close to 100% click-throughs with a combination of allrepparttar 100965 tactics above! Which means you'll be a far happier, richer Associate, as well as being one ofrepparttar 100966 rare breed of web site owners out there who truly understand what Internet Marketing is all about.

Try it out and see just what a HUGE difference a little brain power can do!

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