3 Killer Secrets for Closing the Sale

Written by Brian Tracy

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Withrepparttar alternative close, whichever onerepparttar 127351 customer selects, you would have made a sale either way. You should always try to giverepparttar 127352 customer two choices. Even if you are selling a single product, you can give him two choices with regard to payment, or delivery. For example, "Would you like this delivered to your office or to your home address?" "Will that be MasterCard or Visa?" "Would you likerepparttar 127353 ATM 26 orrepparttar 127354 ATM 30?" And so on.

Killer Closing Secret #2: The Secondary Close

The second closing technique isrepparttar 127355 Secondary Close. This is extremely popular. It is a way of helping a customer making a big decision by having him make a small decision that infersrepparttar 127356 big decision. Instead of askingrepparttar 127357 customer to go ahead withrepparttar 127358 product or service, you ask a question about a peripheral detail,repparttar 127359 acceptance of which means that he has decided to buyrepparttar 127360 larger product.

For example, you could ask, "Would you want this shipped in a wooden crate, or would cardboard be all right?" "Would you like us to includerepparttar 127361 drapes and rods inrepparttar 127362 offer?" "Did you wantrepparttar 127363 standard rims or would you likerepparttar 127364 customized racing rims on your car?"

In each case, ifrepparttar 127365 customer agrees to or choosesrepparttar 127366 smaller item, he has indirectly said, "yes" torepparttar 127367 entire offering. People often find it easier to agree to small details than they do to making a larger commitment. That's why this is sometimes calledrepparttar 127368 Incremental Close, where you get commitment bit by bit torepparttar 127369 entire offer.

Killer Closing Secret #3: The Authorization Close

The third closing technique isrepparttar 127370 Authorization Close, which is often used to conclude multimillion-dollar transactions. Atrepparttar 127371 end ofrepparttar 127372 sales conversation,repparttar 127373 salesperson simply asks ifrepparttar 127374 prospect has any questions or concerns that haven't been covered. Ifrepparttar 127375 prospect has no further questions or concerns,repparttar 127376 salesperson takes outrepparttar 127377 contract, opens it up torepparttar 127378 signature page, places a check mark whererepparttar 127379 customer has to sign, and pushes it over to him saying, "Well then, if you will just authorize this, we'll get started on it right away." The word "authorize" is better thanrepparttar 127380 word "sign." A check mark is better than an X. Offering to "get started right away" is better than sitting there hoping forrepparttar 127381 best.

However you do it, be prepared to ask forrepparttar 127382 order in whichever ways seem appropriate atrepparttar 127383 moment.

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Sure Fire Ways To Get More Sales

Written by Kevin Nunley

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Right away people were coming in telling us what a "cool" idearepparttar venue is. I found myself passing out business cards right and left. Some customers wanted to remember our web site address. Others were musicians wanting our phone number for later reference.

Inrepparttar 127350 process of taking to people and handing out cards I met several folks who could be of help to us. One, a designer with terrific ideas for our decor, wrote her name, number, and slogan onrepparttar 127351 back of one of my cards and handed it back to me.

Have a wad of cards handy when you find yourself in a group. Don't try to sell, just pass out your card with an invitation to call or email.

Collect other people's cards, organize them, then call a week later to pick uprepparttar 127352 conversation again and...this time..do some selling.

If you're a bit onrepparttar 127353 shy side, like I am, hold a drink. A soda or bottle of water is fine. It can make talking to people easier. In restaurants, clubs, and many meetings, holding a drink is perfectly acceptable and often putsrepparttar 127354 other person at ease as well.

Repeatedly running your advertisements are another way to ensure your name runs rampant inrepparttar 127355 business community. Have you ever run a one time ad and then wondered why you didn't get much response?

Advertising and marketing almost always takes repeated use to work properly. Once in a while you will get a product or service that sells withrepparttar 127356 first ad, but most take time to sink in with customers.

There's an old newspaperman's joke that dates back more than 100 years that illustrates how ads work.

1. The first time a man looks at an ad, he doesn't see it. 2. The second time, he doesn't notice it. 3. The third time, he is conscious of its existence. 4. The fourth time, he faintly remembers having seen it.

The joke continues on untilrepparttar 127357 sixteenth time has him thinking he'll buy some day andrepparttar 127358 twentieth time he seesrepparttar 127359 ad he instructs his wife to go out and buyrepparttar 127360 product.

So, you can see that throwing your name around isrepparttar 127361 best way to get people to notice you and eventually buy your product or service. Don't get discouraged if your efforts aren't recognized immediately, it might just take a few more tries.

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