3 Keys To Overcoming Problems

Written by Kathryn Williamson

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Many of our reactions to hurtful people are changed after God shows us His unconditional love. We realize that because God loves us even with all our mistakes, then we can learn to love others inrepparttar same way. God asks us to makerepparttar 148151 effort and He will provide His love through us to others. Now weíre on our way to developing healthy, godly relationships.

Taking control of your life also means you must plan for your future, and that is whererepparttar 148152 next principle helps you.

The third key principle is: when you find Godís unique purpose for your life, you haverepparttar 148153 motivation to keep you headed inrepparttar 148154 right direction and you discoverrepparttar 148155 abundant life. Godís plan usually entails taking whatever you are passionate about and putting it into a life-long project whereby you use it to love and serve others.

God created man to have an intimate relationship with Him, then to love others, and then to carry outrepparttar 148156 specific purpose he designed us for. While there are general guidelines on how God wants us to live and act, God also gives each of us a very personal goal for us to carry out. Since this vision includes loving and serving others, it is important that we haverepparttar 148157 first two key principles in place to enable us to adequately carry out Godís plan. With a proper understanding of God, His love and His plan, then we will be able to handle trials that come while servingrepparttar 148158 Lord.

When you focus on implementing these three key biblical principles instead of dissecting every individual problem, you will get better results. Now that you know three areas to work on, get a pen and paper and begin to determine what these items will require of you in your daily living.

Kathy Williamson teaches people how to apply biblical principles to overcome their problems and achieve the life of their dreams. Free ezine available at http://www.wisdomforliving.org

Attain Instant Results With Goal Setting Tools

Written by Yuliya Muravey

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There are lots of tools and techniques for goal setting, including audio training, special software, books, CDs, etc. One ofrepparttar goal setting tools, which enjoy a great popularity lately arerepparttar 148098 goal setting forms. Researchingrepparttar 148099 market and comparing them with other techniques and methods, Iíve come torepparttar 148100 conclusion that they really work.

Special forms for setting goals help your brainstorm your dreams, organize allrepparttar 148101 obscure thoughts and ideas into clear goals, and write them down onrepparttar 148102 paper. They provide you withrepparttar 148103 opportunity to see where you were some years ago, where you are now and where youíll be in 2, 5, 10 years from now, hence to keeprepparttar 148104 track of every step you are taking. You can clearly see where you are now inrepparttar 148105 relation torepparttar 148106 end goal of yours. Using goal setting forms you can set deadlines for reaching your goals, write specific action plans and record your progress.

Whether or notrepparttar 148107 goal setting forms arerepparttar 148108 right tool for you, make sure you take a closer look at tools and techniques available, as they can make a path to your goals much easier and more enjoyable! Good luck with your goals!

Yuliya Muravey is a self-employed entrepreneur and co-owner of the www.GoalSettingForms.com She believes passionately in the enormous power of the goal setting and its impact on the short-term and long-term success in life. For more information, please go to: http://www.goalsettingforms.com

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