3 Important Tips to Write Money-Making Autoresponder Messages

Written by Ladan Lashkari

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#2. Emphasize Benefits, Not Features

People are looking for benefits, not features. A feature is "what" your product provides, while a benefit explains how it "helps" people and makes their life easier.

If you explain how your product saves time, money, or energy, you're giving a benefit... and that's what makes your message sell!

#3. Write a Killer Subject Line

People first readrepparttar subject of your message and only if it's interesting and makes them curious, they will open your message and read it. So it's very important that you write an effective subject line, or people won't open your message at all.

Wish you success!

Ladan Lashkari

Ladan Lashkari is a respected Internet marketing expert, and the owner of http://www.FreeNewsletterIdeas.com/ where you'll find creative email marketing ideas and helpful resources to start your own highly profitable email marketing campaign.

What is a Marketing Plan Anyway?

Written by Charlie Cook

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What are your marketing goals?

2. Define Your Marketing Strategy This is your overall approach and positioning relative to your goals and your competition. My marketing strategy is an educational one. It is based on giving people ideas and information they can use as a means of getting their attention and demonstratingrepparttar value I provide.

What is your marketing strategy?

3. Set Up Your Marketing System Develop a plan of action. To increase s.ales, your marketing activities andrepparttar 143109 media you use need to reflect your marketing strategy and work together as one.

I use articles and pay-per-click ads to get people to my web site, a free marketing guide to generate contacts, forms to generate leads, and follow up with autoresponders, my ezine and phone calls. Each individual activity supports and works in harmony withrepparttar 143110 others to bring me a lot of business.

What is your marketing system?

4. Map Out Your Marketing Activities Now flesh outrepparttar 143111 details. You've decided what your marketing activities will be; now for each marketing activity you’ll need to determine who will create and implement it and when.

Who will be responsible for developing, implementing and maintaining your marketing?

5. Sharpen Your Marketing Tools Each marketing activity involves using one or more marketing tools. These include everything from your web site to your phone scripts to your marketing messages. To cut throughrepparttar 143112 information clutter and get your prospect's attention you'll want finely honed tools.

Could you sharpen your marketing tools?

Plan your marketing like you would your dream home. The time you spend developing a marketing plan - your blueprints - based on your business goals, a clear strategy, and a coordinated system will pay off.

Use your marketing plan in conjunction with a set of sharp marketing tools. You'll be building your client base and profits in no time at all. -

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