3 Important Moving Insurance Tips

Written by Ispas Marin

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Second Tip : Checkingrepparttar accuracy ofrepparttar 143787 inventory onrepparttar 143788 moving company sheet should be done, once beforerepparttar 143789 move and again whenrepparttar 143790 transport has reachedrepparttar 143791 final destination. You should look atrepparttar 143792 number and condition mentioned there. Onrepparttar 143793 day of delivery, in case you find broken items or find that items are missing you should leave allrepparttar 143794 broken items in their packaging and whilerepparttar 143795 movers crew is still there, create a list of allrepparttar 143796 damages and lost items withrepparttar 143797 in charge person fromrepparttar 143798 moving company,repparttar 143799 list should be file with your signature andrepparttar 143800 signature ofrepparttar 143801 person in charge. Callrepparttar 143802 next day to be surerepparttar 143803 claim has been reported. If damages are foundrepparttar 143804 next day, they should be reported ASAP.

Third Tip : Allrepparttar 143805 move related paperwork should be kept in a safe place until claims have been resolved, if you unfortunately have any. Make sure you carefully red all paperwork, bill of ladding andrepparttar 143806 property sheet, before you put your signature on them.

Knowing this three moving tips you will sure have a easy move.

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How To Wear Contact Lenses In The Allergy Season

Written by Peter Smithson

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Don't mow or rakerepparttar lawn without protective eyewear and a dust mask when your allergies are at their worst. If you've been outside or doing similar work, wash your hands frequently to avoid transferring pollens, dusts or molds close to your eyes.

Washing your hair everyday and your face two or three times a day also helps reducerepparttar 143757 amount of transferable pollen and dust.

Allergies are an unfortunate condition for some people and there are a number of allergy medicines that can help reduce and in some cases even eliminaterepparttar 143758 symptoms. When contact lenses are involved, a little prevention can help reducerepparttar 143759 amount of irritation or discomfort you might be feeling. If it doesn't, remember to always speak to your doctor for a diagnosis or prescription that could help. =========================================================== Discover important advice and information about contact lenses. Are soft or hard best ? What'srepparttar 143760 best cleaning solutions ? For a comprehensive guide, Click http://www.contact-lenses-special.com/disposable-contact-lenses.html

Peter has worn contact lenses all his life. He's tested different types, and explored all alternatives. In this series of articles he shares his advice and experiences.

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