Written by Larry Dotson

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Make sure your visitors see your ad before seeing your freebie. When you use free stuff to lure people to your web site include it below your ad copy or on another web page.

Also, you want to make sure you persuade them to give you their e-mail address for future offers. You could publish a free e-zine, have them sign up to a contest your offering, etc.


1) Offer payment plans, accept bartering offers and be open to negotiation.

2) Capturerepparttar largest part of your target audience by accepting multiple ordering options.

3) Design your web site so prospects see your ad copy before they can grab your freebie and run.

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Which Works Better: Subliminal Advertising or Hypnotic Writing?

Written by Joe Vitale

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Hypnotic Writing, onrepparttar other hand, is not devious. It is not hidden. It is not illegal. It is designed to influence people with words---obvious words, seen consciously right onrepparttar 101159 page orrepparttar 101160 screen. It uses stories, active writing, strategic sentence structure, and more, to achieve results.

Subliminal advertising doesn't increase sales. Hypnotic Writing does. Subliminal advertising allegedly works below your conscious level of awareness. Hypnotic Writing works on your subconscious mind by using your conscious mind to get there.

Look at it this way:

An example of subliminal advertising might berepparttar 101161 famous claim that "images" in ice cubes in a liquor ad look like naked women. Well, you have to treatrepparttar 101162 ice cubes like Rosarch Test ink-blots in order to come to that conclusion. And even if there were faint images of naked women inrepparttar 101163 ice cubes, would that really influence anyone to buy more booze?

An example of Hypnotic Writing might be a story-oriented sales letter, such asrepparttar 101164 famous one I wrote that people are using as a template for their own letters. My letter began, "I'm nearly in tears..." It then told a story of how my latest book was influencing people to go for, and get, their dreams. The story letrepparttar 101165 sales message get intorepparttar 101166 readers. More importantly, more copies of my book sold. Hypnotic Writing works.

In short, subliminal advertising is not only questionable, it's illegal.

Hypnotic Writing, onrepparttar 101167 other hand, is legit and it gets results.

Joe Vitale is recognized by many to be one of the greatest living copywriters. His latest project, the Hypnotic Writer's Swipe File is a collection of over 1,550 copywriting gems that took him years to compile. Click here to learn more. http://www.roibot.com/tk_hwsf.cgi?hwsfartnl

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